today was the worst day ever!
almost lost my bestfriend baby bc shes friends with this girl that i hate...
and im friends with this girl that she hates..
and my friend shanaia got her friend raynah kicked out of school..
and baby got mad at me bc she said it was my fault bc i wouldnt let raynah
beat up shanaia.
raynah got kicked out of school bc shanaia has a restraining order against raynah for threatening to kill her -.-"
she used to be my friend but she messed that up, raynah i mean..
idk and now im pretty sure im gonna get beaten up..and i didnt even do anything, i think its soo stupid! i seriously hate being a girl. i wish i was a guy...they have drama but not as bad as chicks do..am i right>
yes i know i am..lol!
but yeah other than that i got stared at by the koreans again..
and finally seoung wan said hi..but then he just stared after that -.-"
im bored LALALA!
theres a party in my tummy! so yummy so yummy!
haha! sorry -.-"


nowadays people are soo rude!
it gets me mad when you didnt even do anything to them and they try to get on your nerves..UGHH! and when they seem all mean and annoying!
man that really gets me going..but im not going to say names..
idk but


today was actually pretty awesome..
and it isnt even over yet..
dylan that guy in the other post, yeah i guess today at lunch in my school the international students were having a pizza lunch..and they got to bring one canadian friend. and dylan invited me..(apparently if they invite you they want to get to know you better)LOL!
and when we got food and sat down all him and his friend forbers were doing was staring at me and speaking chinese..
i couldnt even eat my pizza because he was making me laugh soo hard!
he kept on making this weird sound with a piece of paper all rolled up..
i know it doesnt sound funny but it was at the moment..
i wrote on a piece of paper for him to speak english, and he wrote i cant.
then i said yeah and he wrote no. i wrote liar and he didnt say anything..
he is soo amazing..and he also asked me what i was doing tonight..
and i said nothing. i asked him and he said nothing..
im not sure if he was getting at something..but then again im really clueless..with guys -.-"
i dont know what to do about it..you guys should help me if you read this..


so yeah im in school right now,, theres nothing really to do here but draw and go on the computer.
im in the resource room, and kinda creeped out.
because usually all these koreans come in and they just stare..
i know they think im pretty bc they told me so and they gave me the name taemin!
they think i look like this guy from SHINee! im flattered but at the same time
im kinda mad because they think i look like a guy ! D:
selina is my friend and shes soo AWESOME!
shes soo fucking funny!
im getting her to ask one of the koreans if they would butter her muffin!
and right now she just yelled it soo LOUD!
she didnt even know what it meant and she yelled it!
i love my school alot!
i know it sounds weird but i love it alot bc i get to see all the people i care about in one day! i dont have to do an epic journey..to see them..
and now apparently i want some guy to butter my muffin..
but tomorrow im bringing this guy this muffin so he can butter it..LOL!
and now they keep on talking bout it..they're like "there's no free butter in the cafeteria."
we have transfer students here from all over the world..its pretty cool.
bc theres this guy from taiwan and hes soo hot!
his name is dylan..and hes nice and funny.
hes so cool and just awesome *drools*
but yeah thats all for today...bye! ^-^

about me

kay so im norah..
i was born in 1992..im 18 -.-"
i feel old..
i love to draw, i love school...LOL!
i love SHINee of course! and super junior m!
im really random and weird apparently(as told by my friends)
i dont really know what to say so yeah..