Okay here goes kids! I haven't posted in a personal blog since 1883. Random numbers. Yep, well I don't have much to say (all lies...) so this won't be long (all truth...) and on that note let's end it here.


Okay, so I'm Krrazy and I'm an anime fan. I have been since 2006 and let's make that the summer of 2006. Would you care to know how it started? Of course you would.

I was born in -- scratch that -- krrazy got confused. Kidding again (hey! it says right thar in my newbie post, i'm great at being annoying!)

So my imouto-san covertly named Nana loved teh animez and teh mangaz but I always thought that she liked y'know -- in that "dub" sort of way. Not that I knew what that was...back then...in '06

Nope, all I knew was Sailor Moon and Tenchi! and DBZ; she apparently had found that this open world of Cartoon Network extended onto the interwebz. I found her watching Naruto before it hit episode 100.
She introduced me and we drowned ourselves in Azumanga Daioh. From there well...I started watching on my own time Trigun, Last Exile and Fruits Baskets in that order.

Now I can say it, from there its history.

And I'm tired now, at least my fingers are.