welcome welcome welcome to my awesome WORLD.
a few things you should know...

sex: femail
name: sarah
hair color: brown w/ natral blond and red highlights
eye color: green, blue, gray
skin color: slightly taned
nationality: Native American and German (mostly)
hight: 5ft 7in
astrological sign: gemini
hobbies: robot programing, computers, drawing (i perfer plain pincle art), manga colecting, cosplay, travling
live in: united states, northern colorado
countries i've been to: britan, italy
frvorit animal: fox
human or furry: furry

quiz time
history and geography

Q: "powerful aftershock rocked the city, fires burned out of control, streets full of debris and ruined buildings. at least thirty people injured." what natrual disaster is bein decrlbed?
A: the end of american idol

Q: explain the word migration.
A: a migration is a relly bad headache.(thats what u do in class when you have one)

Q: name six animals tha live specifically in the arctic.
A: two polar bears and three four seals.

Q: name one famous greek land mark.
A: the most famous greek land mark is the apocalypse.

Q: where was the declaration of independence signed?
A: at the bottem.

Q: upon ascebding the throne the first thing Queen Elizabeth II did was...
A: sit down.

Q: how dose the statue of liberty represent americans? what dose the statue of liberty represent? How can you tell?
A: a green lady holding up a large glass of wine even when its 10:30 in the morning. she is the queen of america. she is wearing a crown.

Q: who was Socrates?
A: Socrates was a famous ould greek teacher who went around giving people advice. they killed him. he layer died from an overdose of wedlock which is aooarently poisonous. after his death, his his career sufferd a dromatic decline.

Q: decribe the differences between the febuary revolution and the october revlution.
A:one occurred in febuary, one occurred in october.

Q: what do christans celebrate at chrismas?
A: when joseph and mary had jesus. they travled to bethelem by plane and sakogiawea was their pilot.

Q: state three major world religions.
2.the force in star wars
3.foot ball

Q: what is the difference between the new testament
and the ould testament?
A: the new testament was a better version.

cold stare

Today at lunch I and my friend went to Country Buffet along with the rest of our schools jazz band. I hadn’t eaten all day so the food was hard on my stomach. I was staring at my friend all of the sudden she looked shocked, “what did I do?” she asked. I just laughed, “So my stare is really cold, even to you. I just haven’t eaten yet today,” I responded. So because of my eye color and the fact that they aren’t dilated easily I have a cold stare. Now that my friends, it’s the coolest thing ever when you can creep people out by staring at them and with a blank expression.

wrighting a manga

i now have a new world, Human Breeding Program, i put alot of thought and time into this so pleas go check it out and tell me what you think.