Noble likes taking a lot of random quizzes, sooooo it was decided that there would be a quiz world to post them in. :B They're fun quizzes, and I DO expect people to take them!! >:( lmfao, you guys can either post them in your own worlds or on the comments, as long as you DO THEM.
Okay, nice talk. Have fun y'all~

26-40 = Average teen!

What do you have:
[x] Mother
[x] Father
[] Step-Father
[] Step-Mother
[] Step Sister
[] Step Brother
[x] Brother
[] Brother In Law
[x] Sister
[] Sister In Law
[] Half Sister
[] Half Brother
[] Nephew
[] Niece
[] Boyfriend/Girlfriend
[x] Mobile Phone
[] Own Bathroom
[] Own Room
[x] Have/had a swimming pool
[] Have/had a hot tub
[] Guest room
[x] Living room
[x] Own computer
[x] Own TV
[x] Flat TV
[] There is some big carpet at your house
Total: 10

[] Full size/queen bed
[] More than 8 pairs of shoes
[x] MP3 Player/ipod
[] PS2/3
[] Nintendo DS or PSP
[] Gameboy/Advance
[] Gamecube
[] Xbox/Xbox 360
[] Wii
[] Your own laptop
[] Basketball net/hoop
[] Air hockey table
[] Pool table
[] Ping pong table
[] football table
[] sport gear
Total so far: 11

[x] Night Stand
[x] Stereo in bedroom
[] surround system
[] DVD player in bedroom/portable
Total so far: 13

[] Go shopping at least once a week
[] Expensive cologne/perfume
[x] Camera on phone
Total so far: 14

[] Go cart/car/quad
[x] Guitar/drums/bass
[x] Piano/keyboard
[] Any other instrument
[] Been on a cruise
[] Traveled out of the country
[] Had a personal trainer
[] Expensive Jewelry
[] Met a celeb
Total so far: 16

[x] Straightener/curling iron
[] Have been to the batting cage
[x] Have $100 on you right now in your pocket/wallet
[] Credit card or ATM card or debit card or bank card
[x] Have a TV in your room
[x] Mirror in your room
[x] Window in your room
[] Been to Paris
[] Been to Rome
[] Been to Australia
[] Been to Switzerland
[] Been to Dubai
[] Been to Germany
[] Been to a place in 7 wonders
Total so far: 21

[x] Parents have a car
[] Have owned or own a jet ski/boat
[x] Had/Have camped
[x] Been to 3+ states/countries/provinces
[] 80+ buddies online
Total so far: 24

[x] Have a home cooked meal almost everyday
[x] Been in a limo (IT WAS AMAZING)
[] Been in a helicopter
[x] Own a camera
[] Have been to Disneyland/World more than 2 times

Total: 27

Post as:
1-25 = Ghetto! (tag 5 people)
26-40 = Average teen! (tag 10 people)
41-50 = Spoiled teen! (tag 15 people)
51+ = Upper class snob! (tag 20 people)

I got a 27.. XD I'm THIS close to being ghetto, lmfao

whoever wants to take it, whatev' yo

Random 'about me' quiz

What does your last message say?
um...are..are u online..?

Where were you last night?
With yo momma

What is today's date?
I guess it's Nov. 24, 2010 already XD

When you're at the grocery store do you use the self checkout?
Yes. It makes me feel in control. :B

Has anyone ever sang to you?
Yes, it was fun

If you were abandoned in the wilderness, would you survive?
I would be the next tarzan, fo'sho!

Who do you message the most?
Nobody, really..

How do you make your money?

First person to message you today?
Nobody. Q__Q Nobody loves me.

What is your favorite color?

How tall are you?:

Has anyone kissed you today?
Not even my mom kisses me today, lol

What were you doing at 10am this morning?
Good question.. o_O What WAS I doing?

Do you like your parents?
Yeah, they're pretty cool

Do you secretly like someone?
My loves are all but shriveled memories of hopelessness

Who was the last person you said you loved on the phone?
My mom, haha

Where is the furthest place you've traveled?

Which do you prefer, to eat or sleep?
I prefer to eat while sleeping XD

Who was the last male to message you?
His name is Bou-Bou, it's so old though

Do you look more like your mom or your dad?
Neither... It's like a mix of both *shot*

Who are all your messages from in your inbox?

When was the last time you cried?
A couple of days ago

Are you a patient person?
I CAN be patient XD

Do you think too much or too little?
I do both, I think at the most inapropriate times.. like at night. I'm pretty airheaded when I NEED to think.

Have you had sex with more than 5 people this month?
No, lmfao

Have you ever found someone that you really, really, really like?
Time and time again

Do you have any plans for tomorrow?
Not really :S

Is there anyone you wouldn't mind punching right now?
The pillow :B

Is there really a difference between coke and pepsi?
Pepsi kind of has a different after taste to it I guess

Do you miss the way things used to be?
How were things before? XD

Is it cute when a boyfriend/ girlfriend calls you baby?

At a movie theater which arm rest is yours?
The one opposite from my date or friends. I try sitting at an edge seat most of the time huhuh

Do you think you could live with your best friend?
I'd have to figure out who my best friend is first

When showering, do you start the water and then get in, or get in then start the water?
I start it first and then get in

Is there anyone you don't wanna lose?
I have nobody Q_Q

What is worse, physical or emotional pain?
Emotional, fo'sho

Would you rather read a Super long book or write a 10 page essay?
Read a super long book, lol

Last night you..?
Spent quality time with my girlfriend 8D j/k

Would you kiss the last person who messaged you, on the lips?
I don't know him, lol

Do you trust all of your friends?
Most of them :)

Do you wish you had someone else's girlfriend/ boyfriend?
I wish I had *a* girlfriend/boyfriend, period.

For people that don't know you, what do they think your age usually is?
17, 18.. Once someone thought I was twenty though. XD They get it right a lot of times.

Do you think someone is talking crap about you behind your back?
I KNOW some people are. T'is the beauty of it.

What color was the last pill you took?
Trick question> o_o'

Has more than one person ever told you they're in love with you?
Like... freshmen high school chicks, lol

Who was the last person to call you?
My mom

Do you think you're an argumentative person?
Fluck yeah

What do your friends call you?
Uhh.. Noble? :B

Where will you be on Saturday?
Home, probably

Something good gonna happen tomorrow?
I doubt it! It's been pretty boring

Would you rather have a smoothie or milkshake?

Do you smoke weed regularly?

Do you own an iPod?

Can you whistle?

Where are you going to be at 4:00 tomorrow?
No clue

How good is your eyesight?

Is there someone you wish you could fix things with?
It would be a waste to say my exes

What does the third message in your inbox say?
Hell if I know, lol. Too lazy to check~

What's the first thing you did when you opened your eyes today?
Went back to sleep. huhuh

Did you have any unread messages when you woke up today?
No.. *Sobs*

I've done 83 out of 129 Stupid things

Level 1:

(x) Smoked a cigarette
() Smoked a cigar
(x) Kissed a member of the same sex
(x) Drank alcohol

Total: 3

Level 2:

(x) Are/Been in love
(x) Been dumped
() Shoplifted
() Been fired
() Been in a fist fight

Total: 5

Level 3:

(x) Had a crush on an older person
(x) Skipped school
() Slept with a co-worker
() Seen something/someone die

Total: 7

Level 4:

(x) Had a crush on one of your friends
() Been to Paris
() Been to Spain
() Been on a plane
() Thrown up from drinking

Total: 8

Level 5:

(x) Eaten sushi
(x) Been snowboarding
() Met someone BECAUSE of facebook/myspace
(x) Been in a mosh pit

Total: 11

Level 6:

() Taken pain killers
(x) Loved/liked someone you can't have
(x) Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by
(x) Made a snow angel

Total: 14

Level 7:

(x) Had a tea party
(x) Flown a kite
(x) Built a sand castle
(x) Gone mudding
(x) Played dress up

Total: 19

Level 8:

(x) Jumped into a pile of leaves
() Gone sledging
(x) Cheated while playing a game
(x) Been lonely
(x) Fallen asleep at work/school

Total: 23

Level 9:

(x) Watched the sunset
(x) Felt an earthquake
() Killed a snake

Total: 25

Level 10:

(x) Been tickled
() Been robbed/vandalized
(x) Been cheated on
(x) Been misunderstood

Total: 28

Level 11:

(x) Won a contest
() Been suspended from school
(x) Had detention
() Been in a car/motorcylce accident

Total: 30

Level 12:

() Had/have braces
(x) Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night
(x) Danced in the moonlight

Total: 32

Level 13:

(x) Hated the way you look
(x) Witnessed a crime
(x) Pole danced
(x) Questioned your heart
(x) Been obsessed with post it notes

Total: 37

Level 14:

() Swished barefoot through the mud
(x) Been lost
() Been to the opposite side of the world
() Swam in the ocean
(x) Felt like you were dying

Total: 39

Level 15:

(x) Cried yourself to sleep
(x) Played cops and robbers
(x) Recently colored with crayons/colored pencils/markers
(x) Sang karaoke
() Paid for a meal with only coins

Total: 43

Level 16:

(x) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't
(x) Made prank phone calls
(x) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose
(x) Kissed in the rain!

Total: 47

Level 17:

(x) Written a letter to Santa Claus
(x) Watched the sun set and/or sun rise with someone you care/cared about
(x) Blown bubbles
(x) Made a bonfire on the beach

Total: 51

Level 18:

() Crashed a party
() Have traveled more than 5 days in a car full of people
(x) Gone roller- skating/blading
() Had a wish come true
() Been humped by a monkey

Total: 52

Level 19:

() Worn pearls
() Jumped off a bridge
(x) Screamed "penis" or "vagina"
() Swam with dolphins

Total: 53

Level 20:

(x) Got your tongue stuck to a pole/freezer/ice cube
() Kissed a fish
(x) Worn the opposite sex's clothes
(x) Sat on a roof top

Total: 56

Level 21:

(x) Screamed at the top of your lungs
(x) Done/attempted a one-handed cartwheel
(x) Talked on the phone for more than four hours
(x) Recently stayed up for a while talking to someone you care about

Total: 60

Level 22:

(x) Picked and ate an apple right off the tree
() Climbed a tree
(x) Have/been in a tree house
(x) Been too scared to watch scary movies alone

Total: 63

Level 23:

(x) Believed in ghosts
() Have had more than 30 pairs of shoes
() Gone streaking
() Visited jail

Total: 64

Level 24:

(x) Played chicken
(x) Been told you're hot by a complete stranger
(x) Broke a bone
(x) Been easily amused

Total: 68

Level 25:

() Caught a fish then ate it later
() Made a porn movie
(x) Caught a butterfly
(x) Laughed so hard you cried
() Cried so hard you laughed

Total: 70

Level 26:

(x) Mooned/flashed someone
(x) Had someone moon/flash you
(x) Cheated on a test
(x) Forgotten someone's name
() French braided someone's hair
(x) Gone skinny dipping
() Been kicked out of your house

Total: 75

Level 27:

(x) Rode a roller coaster
() Went scuba-diving / snorkelling
() Black-mailed someone
(x) Been black-mailed
(x) Had a cavity

Total: 78

Level 28:

(x) Been used
(x) Fell going up the stairs
(x) Licked by a cat
(x) Bitten someone
(x) Licked someone

Total: 83

Level 29:

() Been shot at/or at gunpoint
() Flattened someone's tires
() Rode your bike/driven your car until the fuel light came on
() Got five pounds or less worth of fuel
() Had sex in the rain

Total: 83

Re-post this with the title "I've done ... out of 129 Stupid things.

I cost $3,925 a night

Natural Hair Color:
[x] Brown - $100
[] Blonde - $50
[] Black - $15
[] Bald - $5
[] Other-$75

Total: 100

Eye Color:
[] Brown - $50
[x] Green - $75
[] Blue $150
[] Hazel $100
[] Other - $15

Total so far: 175

[] Over 7′ - $200
[] 6′8″ to 7′ - $175
[] 6′0″ to 6′7″ - $150
[x] 5′5″ to 5′11″ - $75
[] 5′4″ to 5′10″ - $85
[] Under 5′4 - $95

Total so far: 250

[] 50 to 56 - $175
[] 46 to 50 - $150
[] 41 to 45 - $125
[] 31 to 40 - $100
[] 26 to 30 - $75
[] 21 to 25 - $50
[x] 19 to 20 - $25
[] 0 to 18 - $100

Total so far: 275

Birth Order:
[x] Twins or more than twins - $750 (BWAHAHAHAHA BIATCHES.)
[] First Born - $320
[] Only Child - $250
[] second born - $150
[] Middle child - $100
[] Last Born - $100
[] third born - $550
[] fourth born - $300
[] fifth born - $400
[] sixth born -$215

Total so far: 1025

[x] I did like once - $400
[] Only Holidays - $250
[] Sometimes - $215
[] YES - $200
[] only weekends - $300
[] Every other day - $50
[] Once a day - $15
[] I live from the bottle - $Bankrupt$ [[back to $ZERO]]
[] No - $600

Total so far: 1425

[x] perfect vision $400
[] need or have glasses/ contacts but dont wear them $200
[] No correction $100
[] Glasses $50
[] contacts $25
[] Surgical correction -$100

Total so far: 1825

Shoe Size:
[] 13+ - $300
[] 12 and a half to 13 - $250
[x] 11 to 12 - $400
[] 7 to 10 - $500
[] Under 7- $450

Total so far: 2225

Favorite Colors (two):
[] Green-$750
[] Red - $600
[] Black - $100
[] Yellow -$475
[] Brown - $300
[] Purple - $225
[x] White - $400
[] Aqua - $350
[] Orange - $300
[x] Blue - $300
[] Pink - $100
[] Other - $500

Total: 2925

Did you use a calculator to add it all up?
[] Yes $0
[X] Nope - add $1000
[] some - $750

Final Total: 3925

“I cost ---- a night"


AGHH, I'm bored. Do it.


Eye Color: Green-Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5'11
Favorite Color: Green
Screen Name: A Glitched System, Gh00b3r
Favorite Show: idk, one where people die. >:P
Your Car: Is a bike
Your First Crush's Name: I don't remember.. Started with a B
Your Grade: HS Senior, Whooooo~


Sat on your rooftop?
Ahhh... yes

Kissed someone in the rain?
Totally dudeeeee

Danced in a public place?
Where else would I dance at? huhuh :B

Smiled for no reason?
When I'm being a stupid head. lmfao

Laughed so hard you cried?
All the time, yo

Peed your pants after age 8?
I didn't, but my bro did in school. lmfao, sadly, I puked in class the same year. Xp

Written a song?
I like writing lyrics, sure.

Sang to someone for no reason?
When I feel like it, huhuhuh

Performed on a stage?
Yes, school plays and a talent show

Talked to someone you don't know?
I talked to a hobo just the other day

Gone out of your way to befriend someone?
No. If they don't want to be friends, I won't chase them.

Made out in a theater?
Hmm.. yum.

Been in love?
Keyword: BEEN


Say HI to you?
My bro's girlfriend

Tell you, I love you?
Don't remember

Kiss you?
Wish I knew, huhuhuh

Hug you?
My friend Cathy

Tell you BYE?
My sis

Write you a note?
Stupid friend John during school

Take your photo?
A girl who's name I don't know.

Buy you something?
Cheap bastards don't get me shizz. XD lmfao

Write a poem about you?
... ~cricket cricket~ *sob*

Touch you?
...MYSELF. jk jk >__>


Time you cried?
Ahhh.. Couple of days ago

Time you laughed?
A week ago

Song you've sang?
I don't love you by My Chemical Romance

Time you've looked at the clock?
Just now

Drink you've had?

Book you've read?
Tom Sawyer

Food you've eaten?
An apple (It tasted WAY like pear, by the way.) But now I'm eating DELICIOUS Vanilla Ice cream, huhuh

Shoes you've worn?
Some converse

Store you've been in?
The mall

Thing you've said?
Haven't talked since morning. I don't remember


Write with both hands?


Roll your tongue in a circle?

Cross your eyes?
It hurtssss

Touch your tongue to your nose?


Stay up a whole night without sleep?

Speak a different language?
Umm.. Yo kiero Taco Bell.. lmfao, Nooo

Impersonate someone?
Yesss.. It's called mimicry. :B

Make a card pyramid?
Nooo.. Don't have the patienceeee

Cook anything?


If I were a(n) ... leprechaun, I would steal my own gold

I wish ... a lot of wishes

So many people don't know that ... I really do try with things

I am ... Not very fun

My heart is ... dead, broken, void and non-existent. :D