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This of course, is an RP based around the children of the current Naruto cast. So let's see where this leads us~


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Substitute sensei....kind of a let down.


Introductions...hm. Maybe this would be interesting.

"I'm Uchiha Hatsume." I closed my eyes. "Uchiha Sasuke's eldest daughter. My twin brother is on the other team." I crossed my arms, trying to hide my endowment. "I like reading, writing, training, video games..." I paused. "And cake." Mm...cake...


Short, I know, but I'll probably never make it short again, so savor it. SAVOR IT. XDD

Substitute as a teacher?!

Eiji sighed. He wondered why HE was assigned to watch a bunch of kids....Kids who were really not much younger than himself. Sure Bihn-sensei had gone missing...and sure the Kazekage's daughter needed to be watched and protected...But why him? He even had to dress in his old Jounin clothes.
He walked over to the training grounds and saw his "students". Two with the classic Uchiha stare and one who looked lost and stood out with her bright hair. She must be Gaara's kid...

Eiji walked over to the groups.
"Hello...my name is Eiji Kabau...I'll be taking over for Bihn until she returns from an important mission..."

He looked at them each.
"Now...I want you all to go around and introduce yourselves..."
He closed his eyes.
"I'll start...My name is Eiji Kabau...I'm not very happy to be here...My mother was the sole survivor of her clan...the Hattori clan...and that is all you need to know."

Eiji motioned at them.

Nadoka blinked.
"Ok. I'll go next...My name is Nadoka Kagahoshi. I'm from the sand village and was sent here by my father...After reading a letter from my father, the Hokage told me to stay here...I tend to get lost and I have a temper."

Nadoka wondered if she should share that her father was in fact the Kazekage....Hmmm....Not important!


Checking up

Masahiro- I arrived at the Hokage's Mansion around the time he came back from the Academy. "Lord Hokage, may I ask you something?", I asked him as he sat down at his desk. "Of course, and please don't wear the mask when you talk to me.", Na...

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Where's my Sensei?


"She should be here soon, right?"

Natsume raises an eyebrow at me and I shrug. "Dunno." Please don't tell me we'd get a sensei like dad had. -__- He was always telling us stories about Hatake sensei... "I really just want to hurry up and take a mission." I looked at my nails. In fact, being a chunnin meant I could take better missions, polish my skills. It's the only way I'll be able to succeed in my en devour- to conquer the world. Sounds evil, I know. That's why I like the sound of it.

We're currently waiting on a bridge, wondering if our sensei will decide to show up one day. I'd done my research. Bihn-sensei was probably as pervy as they come. My sister liked reading her father's books, not to mention the fact that her dad was uncle Naruto's deceased teacher. Whoopdidoo...

The only good part was the fact that she wasn't a guy- so she wouldn't be staring at my endowment...unless she was gay. I hoped she wasn't.


I looked up, only to see Nadoka on the other side of the field, looking around curiously, which only caused me to raise a brow.

"What...this doesn't look familiar at all.." I could hear her say, and I smacked my forehead.

Oh God. This would be such a long day...


Looking for JunkoDeer...I know you're out there!