Hello, this is niwarabbit.
This world was made to post any wips and unfinished drawings. With a side of life. Enjoy~
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10 free sketches

Hahahah, long time no update?
I'm also doing the free sketches since I haven't been active because of an art block orz.
I think everyone knows the drill already. First 10 people to comment with their requests will get a sketch from me.

1.superstarpanou- Amane
2.itemilicious- Toph Beifong
4.Sakura Kokoro- Ayu

Winter Break

Also Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I've been on winter break since Tuesday, but didn't really do much since my brain was fried from finals.XD ---------------------------- So heres some stuff that I've been working on. ...

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Dear Secret Santa,

For Sayura-san's Secret Santa Event. =) This is my first time participating in something like this, so I'm pretty excited. I don't really care what media you draw them in, just as long as you have fun. OCs- I actually don't have a lot...

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First Post

Hahah, made this world so people aren't under the assumption that I'm dead. Anyways, on to this little blog. Life:I thought I did really well on my chemistry midterm since the test seemed pretty easy. Ended up getting a D.T-T(class average ...

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