I supposed a brief intro is in order. all right!

I'm Nikki, kyokitot (username), 16 yrs. old, turning 17 on November 21 (gifts are welcome). We live in the same world, so ask me anything you want to know. I welcome you all with open arms.

GOD is the reason of our existence. So, spread the love everyone. Welcome to my world.


God is soooooo GOOD

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2010年7月3 日
この日はナッツです!神はいいです。私はチャンスをChicosciを見ていると彼らは3度目のプレイ見て、チャンスを私の'フライブラックハートのアルバムに彼らのサインをもらうことになった。 http://twitpic.com/22n5e4 この全体的な経験は、お金自体は購入することはできません。神と神のみは、この一生に一度のチャンスを与えられる、何以下となります。私はそれを乗り越えることはできません。まだ畏敬の念です。 EPICは失敗:なしカメラを!

July 03, 2010
This day is nuts! GOD is so good. I got the chance to see Chicosci and watched them play for the third time and even got a chance to get their autograph on my 'Fly Black Hearts' album. This whole experience cannot be bought by money itself. God and only God will give this once in a lifetime chance, nothing less. I can't get over it. still in awe. EPIC FAIL: NO CAMERA!

check them out: http://www.chicosci.org

under your sole

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I want this.


can someone please translate this. just click the links below. i owe you big time. tnx


Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

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OMG. I'm sooo loving Maid-sama! It's been so long since I last watched an anime that is romance comedy, oh,i remember, just watched the first episode only.(WHAT???) HAHA. my bad. y'know, school matters after all (i can smell a bit of sarcasm here) HAHAHA. LOL.

I first red the manga here in the net (before watching tha anime), and can't stop flipping the pages. I think the manga is way better, because Usui is hotness there than in the anime. HAHA. oh yeah. I'm not yet done reading it, just in the 8th or 9th chapter, i think. I'm really looking forward in finishing the manga real soon. So that, I could watch the anime next. Yosh. Maybe I can read some this weekend. NICE! Watch it and Read it too!!! and PM me about your thoughts:)

credits: inuyashakagomefa1 (for this youtube vid)

Part 1 of Kaichou wa maid-sama! to spice you up:)


"Love is the only rational act."-Levine

Love146 got into my heart instantly as I red the stories of the children, at the same time was stabbed in the heart because those children were exposed in the issue of child trafficking and sex slavery at an early age. We all know that the main reason why they are sold in to slavery is poverty. These children are the ones carrying the burden themselves. I, myself can't picture the ones who sold them, threatened them and used them. Love146 really is a good, good organization. Now I'm eager to spread the word to my generation and help in stopping human slavery. If we all lend our helping hands, nothing is impossible.

"...The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning."-Morrie Schwartz

Visit: http://www.love146.org