(poem) Balloons of Life

I really like this one also. A ton of fun to write! Please give some feedback and don't use without permission!

Balloons of Life
One hundred balloon strings in my hand
I hold them tightly to prevent the balloons from floating away
One by one, though, against my will
The balloons become free and fly away
Like colorful birds they flutter and swerve
Across the sky and out of sight
The sun blinds me as I look for the colorful dots
Unable to look up I look down
To find in utter terror in my sight
Bodies lining the streets in unorganized chaos
I look closely and see that there is no life
I count them all up and come to ninety-three
Then realized than that’s how many balloons I’ve let free.
I start to remember an order from before
‘Don’t let these balloons free or terror will unfold’
I feel another slipping and tighten my grip
A little too late, I’m afraid,
The balloon now flies free, joining those other birds in the sky.
I look and see another person fall
Joining the bodies on the ground
The six left balloons left I hold as tightly as I can
But still they slip away until only one is left
I hold desperately to this one
But I don’t prevail
As it floats away to the wondrous blue above
I join the others on the cold hard ground.