(poem) Beat of My Heart

I really like this one personally. It was really fun to write! Please give some feedback and don't use without permission!

Beat of My Heart
I close my eyes and all is dark
The beat of my heart controls my thoughts
The sound is as soothing at the wind on my face
I take a deep breath and continue on my way

The air is chill and nips at my nose
I pull my coat close to shun the cold
My eyes close again and return me to dark
I’m there again with the beat of my heart

The beat of my heart continues on
Ever on with not a thought of dawn
I smile as my heart is telling me to
To stay with that beat that is ever and true

I slip to the ground with cold all around
My heart starts to slow and the beat resounds
This is different than before, I can tell for sure
My thoughts become clear as my heart slows some more

It continues to slow that my heart of mine
I begin to realize it’s almost my time
I think back to the day when this beat was good
But now I lay here as the beat spells my doom

The slower it gets the colder I feel
Now there is nothing to make me well
I slip back into control of the beat that I know
And take my last breath at the end of my show.