(poem) His words and Eyes

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His words and eyes
Something about the way he speaks
Chills me right down to the bone.
With a snarl like a bear woken from a nap
And a snap like a trap closing on its victim
He cuts me emotionally.
It’s like he’s trying to break me down.
There is no warmth in his words.
They’re so cold that give me frost bite.
The coldness seeps through any defense I have.
Right through my fire of courage and steel wall of bravery,
Down to the very depths of my heart.
The words hurt me so much I can’t take it anymore
It’s a knife cutting right through my heart
I can feel the tear getting deeper and deeper
Soon there will be nothing left to cut
I finally decide it has to stop
I look into his eyes and get something of a surprise
I see an ocean so blue that I can’t even describe it.
There is no red fire of hate or anything of the sort.
Instead there is a deep hole of despair and remorse.
I look deeper into those eyes and seem to lose myself.
They seem to tell me a story.
A story of sadness and want.
His voice is a burden almost beyond what he can bare.
He doesn’t want to sound this way.
It’s just the way he is.
All he wants is to be accepted and brought in
To loving embrace and gaze of the one he loves.
But that special one keeps pushing him away.
She fears and shuns him to keep herself safe.
I look deeper and see that one he loves,
Is me.