(poems) Drifting off-Dream-Awakening

I finally was able to email some poems home that I wrote at creative writing last tri! I hope you like them and give some feedback! They're not the best but I hope they get better while I post more.

Drifting offI lie down under a tree and look through the leaves,
The sky is so blue that I can’t believe what I see.
I continue to stare
As a breeze rustles the leaves,
Blocking my view to the sky.
The breeze continues to blow
Cooling my face
I close my eyes and listen to the leaves.
I hear the birds sing as I’m lulled to sleep.
The world is at perfect harmony
Me with it
It with me
I smile to myself and quietly slip into sleep

The DreamIt’s dark,
There is no light.
Not a sound,
Or a whisper of life.
Suddenly before me,
As clear as day,
I see a small light to show me the way.
I run toward it,
but it gets farther away.
I run faster,
but it doesn’t stay.
It’s dark again,
No light is around.
I feel moisture on my face,
And hear a small sound.
I open my eyes and look up at the sky,
The day has slipped away,
While I was sound asleep and far away.

The AwakeningThe sky is now gray,
The birds don’t sing.
Rain falls from the sky
As I continue to wake from my dream.
I sit and look up
The rain continues to fall.
I shake my head and sigh
For the sky that was before.
The wind blows now
As if to pick me up
I stand on command and look back at the sky.
All harmony is gone,
I can’t get it back.
I stand straight and move on
From what was to what will be.
Not knowing what the next day will bring.