Short story: Worst day ever.

So here it is guys! That short story I talked about in the last post. I hope you all like it! It ends kinda appruptly I still haven't gotten it to final grading point yet, but I hope you can enjoy it anyway!

The Worst Day Ever

“I’ve had the worst day ever,” Gilbert groaned falling onto a chair at the dining table.
“Why, what happened?” Tara asked looking up from her map.
“I don’t want to talk about it,” Gilbert said putting his head down on the table.
“It can’t have been that bad Gil,” Tara said rolling up her map. “Nothing bad enough could’ve happened to silence you completely, at least.”
Gil sat there not moving for a moment, then sighed and sat up. “Okay…here it goes… This morning I decided I wanted to go buy a cake for dessert today, you know, to give Paul a break from cooking.”
“Well, that’s different, you’re usually so negative about everything that you don’t think about others,” Tara said.
“Yeah I guess…anyway continuing my story. I left and started to make my way through town when some dogs jumped over a fence and started chasing me! Well, I ran of course, I ran all the way out of town. I ran and ran until I finally realized that the dogs had quit chasing me a while back. I stopped and looked around, and I had no idea where the town was anymore,” Gil said.
“Hey, at least the dogs didn’t bite you. That’s a plus,” Tara stated.
“Whatever, it still sucked. Continuing on, I was completely alone in the middle of a meadow; nothing even remotely resembling a town in any direction. So in all of my seventeen year old guy wisdom, I decided to pick a direction and start walking.”
“Well, at least you came up with the idea to walk,” Tara said.
“Yeah I guess…It was going good, the weather was great, the sky was blue, and nothing seemed like it was out to chase me. While I was thinking all these positive things I stepped in something soft and squishy. Reluctantly I looked down and discovered that I had stepped in something unidentifiable. It was one of the most disgusting things I had ever smelled,” he said wrinkling his nose in remembrance.
Tara wrinkled her nose also and said, “I bet you were furious!”
“Definitely! I just wanted to yell into the sky, but the smell over powered that desire. I had to wash whatever was on my shoe off as fast as possible. I desperately wandered around searching for a stream I soon found one and quickly went to it. I took my shoe off and started to clean it when my hand slipped and my shoe started to float down the stream! I grabbed for it but lost my balance and fell in,” Gil said glaring at the wall across from him.
“Did you get your shoe back!?” Tara asked.
“Yeah, I’m wearing it aren’t I,” Gil said looking at Tara.
Tara laughed, “I guess so, but then why are you still mad? You got your shoe back.”
“I’m now completely soaked and still lost! Why would I not be mad?” Gil asked.
Tara shook her head and motioned Gil to continue with his story.
“Completely soaked, miserable and cursing everything I could think of, I continued my march to find the town. About an hour later I decided to and take a small break. I sat down and looked up at the sky. As I sat there watching the clouds roll by my anger slowly started to melt away until a small droplet of moisture hit me in the face. Rain drops gradually started to fall until it was just pouring rain! Mud started to form everywhere I stood up and tried to find a place where I could take refuge. Unfortunately I slipped and fell. Mud got all over me,” Gil said.
Tara gasped, “Oh no! But…your clothes don’t seem too stained. It must’ve rained long enough to wash most of the mud off.”
Gil looked down at the shirt and shrugged, “I guess it did, but it sucked. Anyway, as soon as it stopped raining I continued onward. I soon came over a small hill that I’d been avoiding for a little while and guess what, I saw the town. I wanted to fall to my knees and not move again. For hours I had been wandering around avoiding this small hill and the town was right behind it the whole time!”
“But you found the town in the end, so you should be happy,” Tara said.
“No, I’m not happy, and here’s why,” Gil said sitting straight up. “Wet, exhausted and furious, I made my way through town to the bakery. Going inside I asked the baker if I could buy a cake. He shook his head, I asked why not, and he said that they had sold out of cakes for the day. I asked why couldn’t he just quickly make another one, and he said they couldn’t because they were getting ready to close.”
“Oh no! So you went through all that and…” Tara gasped.
Gil nodded finishing Tara’s sentence, “I didn’t get a cake in the end. I turned and left without saying a word. Today was the worst day ever; I swear this is punishment for something I did in the past. I don’t know what, but I hope who ever this is punishment for is happy!”
“Gil, it could’ve been worse,” Tara said.
“What?” Gil asked confused.
“Think about it. The dogs didn’t bite you, you didn’t lose your shoe, your clothes aren’t completely ruined by the mud, and you were able to find the town again,” Tara said.
“So? What does that have to do with the day being worse? All of that was still part of my bad day,” Gil said.
“Well make all those opposite of what they are,” Tara said. Gil sat there thinking. “Maybe if you realized how good those things are your day wouldn’t have been that bad.”
Gil continued to think for a moment then spoke. “I think you might have a point there…”
“Really?” Tara asked amazed.
“Yeah I know, I don’t usually agree with others, but…maybe you may have a point,” Gil said standing up. “I’m going to have to think about this for a little bit longer though.”
Tara nodded and smiled. “Hey what do you say about joining the rest of our friends down at the beach?”
Gil thought for a seconded and nodded and laughed, “Sure, as long as it doesn’t add to my bad day today.”
The two of them left the kitchen and made their way through the town headed toward the beach, the opposite direction of the meadow, to join their friends and have a, hopefully, positive rest of Gil’s worst day ever.