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I had a whole bunch of info up here originally, but I decided to take it down and just type this instead. I'm a 21 year old trash that's not quite come ready to grow up, but isn't quite wanting to stay young either. I have a odd obsession with turtles, I think they're the cutest things ever. TMNT, LoZ, and Sonic the Hedgehog are three of my most beloved franchises. Give me some cheesecake and I'll be your friend forever.

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Ristar American ending credits!!! You will listen to it and love it!

So much to pack so little room!

So, today I spent my day packing to go off to my first year of college.....and trying to track down a piccolo because mine mysteriously snapped in half before I even got a chance to play it yesterday....:confused: But yes, I want to pack so much but I can't! I had to figure out what books, anime, and manga were coming with me and what were staying behind. I can also tell you I'm a very good stuffer when it comes to stuffing clothes. :D Oh yes.

Oh! And yesterday was my B-day and just thought you'd all like to know I had a pretty good day! I'm finally 18 years old like the rest of my friends! WOoT! :la:

But yes, I've been packing all day, I'll be going up to my dorm tomorrow. I don't think I'll be putting up a ton of artwork this next week. I'm going to be busy all day long with university marching band, but I'll try my best!


KAITO and Len worry about what to get the girls for white day!

Does anyone have any good ideas?

Okay tomorrow is my b-day and I need some ideas for activities for 14+ people in a backyard....I have no ideas AT ALL. I'll appreciate any ideas that you guys come up with!



Gakupo is so ninja in this video!

Character Meme -Tagged by Kita Mikichi-

I'll stick pictures of them up...eventually....

1) Choose 5 of your OCs
2) Make your OCs answer these questions.
3) Tag 5 other people.
4) Add one question of your own.

OCs on this interview:

Nino Umaka - Age:17/Gender:F/Naruto OC :P Nino...with Gaara
Ryan Yugata- Age:16-17(17 in my head 16 in the rewriting of the 1st book)/Gender:M/Series:Quest for Jones Reef Pic of Ryan
Lucy - Age:16/Gender:F/Series: Quest for Jones Reef I'll gett a colored on eventually, but Lucy's the girl
Lee - Age:18/Gender:M/Zatch Bell OC
Degan - Age:10/Gender:M/Series:Quest for Jones Reef

1) Do you want a hug?
Nino: *stares blankly* Why? Do you want one? -Me: Not exactly-
Ryan: Okay! :D
Lucy: *glomps* I'm glad you asked!
Lee: No. -_-
Degan: Why would you even ask such a dumb question? -Me: Because it's on the question card.-

2) Are you a virgin?
Ryan: ......What the crap? Of course I am!
Lucy: What does that mean? -Me: *whispers in ear*- Ewwww, yes I am!!!!! Yes yes yes yes yes.
Lee: Yes. *shakes head at question*
Degan: -Me: You are Degan. Don't worry about it.-

3) Do you have any kids?
All: No.
Degan: These questions are weird.... -Me: Yes Degan. Yes they are.-

4) Have you killed anyone?
Nino: Yes, it's my job half the time.
Ryan: Not that I know of.....O_o
Lucy: Nonononononononononono *shakes head violently*
Lee: No, but I've wanted to many times.
Degan: I've tried, but I couldn't do it. -Me: He had a troubled past.-

5) Do you hate anyone?
Nino: Hmmmm, nope!
Ryan: It's bad to hate people. -Me: Good going Ry!-
Lucy: Of course not! I love everyone! -Me: Goody two-shoes. -_-'-
Lee: Yes. -Me: Really? Who?-
Degan: *glares at me* Yes.

6) Love anyone?
Nino: It doesn't count if the love me right?
Ryan: Yes, my friends and family! -Me: Ry, that doesn't count.- Oh...
Lucy: Weren't you listening? I love everyone! -Me: Lucy, that doesn't count either.- Yes it does! -Me: *sigh*-
Lee: *turns bright red* ........
Degan: No.

7) Do they love you back?
Nino: Well, I don't like him that way...weren't you paying attention?
Ryan: Well, yeah, of course me friends and family loves me. -Me: I told you that didn't count.- Well, what else am I supposed to say?
Lucy: Uhhh...I dunno, does everyone love me?
Lee: *turns ever brighter red* ................. >//////<
Degan: I told you I don't love anybody!!!

8) What is your job?
Nino: What ever people pay me for that's in my job description.
Ryan: I used to work at a pub, but I left to search the world for my dad. -Me:Aww you're so loveable *glomp*-
Lucy: To not annoy Sherri! Well, that's what Degan told me.
Lee: To protect Natasha. -Me: The girl you loooooove~- *turns bright red again*
Degan: I'm ten. I can't have a job....idiots....

9) Any special powers?
Nino: What's considered as special?
Ryan: I can turn into animals.
Lucy: ...Nope!
Lee: I can use fire.
Degan: I can make any situation into a sad one. -Me: ...yeah I guess that is special.-

10) Favourite season?
Nino: Spring. I love watching everything come alive.
Ryan: Fall. :D
Lucy: Spring! All the flowers are so pretty.
Lee: Not really, but...winter is nice. -Me: Because Natasha likes it. >:3- Will you stop that! >///<
Degan: I don't have one.

11) Who's your best friend?
Nino: Naoma, my adopted younger sister.
Ryan: Gil, we've been friends forever.
Lucy: My bro Oscar! He's the best!
Lee: ....Natasha....she's just too kind....*averts eyes*
Degan: Don't have one. I don't want one. -Me:Geez mister gloom and doom.-

12) Hobbies?
Nino: I like walking through the flower meadows.
Ryan: I draw a lot. -Me: And you freakin' amazing!- not really...-Me: Stop being modest.-
Lucy: Looking through the Jessizine. -Oscar: I hate that magazine so much. Me: Well, sooooory.-
Lee: Doing whatever Natasha's doing. -Me: Oh really! >:D-
Degan: Nothing. -Lucy: He reads a lot with Sherri! Me: Really!?- Lucy shut up!

13) What are you going to do when this tag is over?
Nino: Take Naoma to the park.
Ryan: Tell Gil about it, because he's going to ask me all about it.
Lucy: Go look through the Jessizine! XD
Lee: Do whatever Natasha wants.
Degan: I dunno.

14) What is your eye colour?
Nino: Orange.
Ryan: Forest Green. They're my mom's eyes.
Lucy: Sky blue! Oscar and I have the same eye color! :D
Lee: Dark blue.
Degan: Why do you care? -Me: Just answer the question.- Fine. Blue.

15) Are you good? Or bad?
Nino: Everyone's view of this is different, but I consider myself good.
Ryan: Good of course!
Lucy: I'm good!
Lee: Good.
Degan: Does it really matter? I do whatever I want. -Me: Yeah...he's not really good or bad....-

16) What is your greatest fear?
Nino: To fail the people closest to me.
Ryan: To have anyone I care for die.
Lucy: To lose Oscar...again....-Me: That's a story for another day.-
Lee: To lose, or leave Natasha. -Me: That's also a story for another day.-
Degan: -_- -Me:....Actually...I really don't think he has one.-

17) What do you think of your parents?
Nino: They're my idols. Even though they died when I was three, they're very important to me.
Ryan: I love them! :D But...I need to find my dad. He has to tell me why he left me and my mom.
Lucy: They're the best. So understanding. I hope Oscar and I can return home someday. :'D
Lee: They're like any other parents. Dad works during the day, and mom takes care of the house. But, I guess I wouldn't be here without them. -Me: You love them and you know it!-
Degan: I hate them. That's all.

18) Any siblings?
Nino: Naoma, but we adopted each other.
Ryan: No, my dad left on some adventure when I was young, but Gil and I are as close as brothers! :D
Lucy: Oscar! Weren't you listening earlier?
Lee: No, I'm an only child.
Degan: Like I care. -Me: What that means I don't really know.:

19) Was it fun to answer all these questions?
Nino: Not exactly. How many more are there?
Ryan: Actually...no. It's really boring truthfully.
Lucy: Yes! I love talking to people!
Lee: No.
Degan: I've hated this since the beginning? Why'd you drag me into this?

20) How do you feel about your creator?
Nino: She's great! Doesn't make us do anything we don't want to............most of the time. *glares at me* -Me: It wasn't me!!!! The dime landed on tails!!!!! *hids*-
Ryan: She's amazing! So funny and nice! -Me: *glomp* Too bad you're not real!-
Lucy: I love her so much! -Me: ...don't you love very one?- But I love you almost as much as Oscar. XD -Me: Awww thanks Lucy-
Lee: She's okay. I liked her more before this interview. -Me: Hey!...well I guess I deserve it.-
Degan: *stares at me* -Me:....what?- *looks away* -Me: Hey! What's that supposed to mean!?-

21) Do you have any weaknesses?
Nino: Yes, Max, my wolf, if he's in trouble, I'd do anything for him. Same with Naoma.
Ryan: I'm deathly allergic to grapes. -Me: Yup. He can't even touch them or he goes into shock and starts swelling up like a ballon.-
Lucy: My bro. I'd do anything for him. -Me: He can't even go anywhere without letting her know. She freaks out is he's gone too long.- Hey!
Lee: I jump to conclusion, and act before thinking. -Me: Pffft oh yes you do!-
Degan: ..... -Me: He's too negative. *nods* Yup.-

22) If you could have one wish...?
Nino: To have my parents still alive.
Ryan: To have my dad home. Then my mom would be a lot happier.
Lucy: To not have done what I did to Oscar....-Me: Like I said. That's a story for another day.-
Lee: ......*blushes* -Me: Ooooooooooooooooo :3- Shut up.
Degan: To never return home. -Me: Wait...what?-

23) Your favourite element?
Nino: Uhh, I don't really have a preference.
Ryan: Wind and water. I love them both equally. :D -Me: That's why you're amazing!-
Lucy: I love them all! -Me: You're just so full of love aren't you?- Yup!
Lee: Fire. -Me: *rolls eyes* Of course.-
Degan: Can I leave yet? -Me: I wish, there's 34 questions in all.- *groans*

24) Who is your superior?
Nino: The highest powers consider me an equal...so I guess no one. But I consider Granny Geno my superior. She raised me after my parents died.
Ryan: My mom.
Lucy: What? Uhhhh, oh! Natasha and Sherri. They're the two incharge of our little group.
Lee: No one. It doesn't really apply to me.
Degan: Same as Lucy. -_-

25) Sexual orientation?
Nino: HUH!? Straight! Who comes up with these!?
Ryan: *chokes* What!? Straight! Why would you even think that!?
Lucy: I'm straight. Straightstraightstraightstraight. -Me: We get it Lucy.-
Lee: Straight. Have you not been paying attention to Jess making fun of me? -Me: 'tis is true!-
Degan: Ah....-Me: He's straight.-

26) Do you care what others think of you?
Nino: No. I've stopped caring long ago.
Ryan: Nope! It's just the best to be yourself! -Me: And people love you for it Ry!-
Lucy: I only care what my friends and family think of me! ....Should I care about others to! *starts to worry*
Lee: No. Only what Natasha thinks matters. -Me: Awww you're finally being proud of your love!- *pushes me over*
Degan: No.

27) Your theme song?
Nino: Do I? -Me: I don't really think about stuff like this. ^_^'-
Ryan: Yes? *looks at me* -Me: Yes! You do have one....many.... "It Doesn't Matter" from Sonic Adventure DX and "Reach for the Stars" from Sonic Colors are two of them.-
Lucy: Uhhh....*looks at me also* -Me:I told Nino that I don't really think about stuff like this- Oh, so Ryan's the only with one, and he even has MORE than one! -Me: Sorry! I had to think of some for him before!-
Lee: Apperantly not. -Me: Wait! "Need You" by Travie McCoy would be a good one for you.- ....why? -Me: Because you need Natasha! Hahahaha! XD- *shoves me over again.*
Degan: No. -Me: Exactly.-

28) What's your species?
Ryan: We're all human right guys? *everyone nodds*

29) What makes you sad?
Nino: When I feel like I've failed someone.
Ryan: When someone close to me is sad.
Lucy: When Oscar isn't happy.
Lee: When I do something that hurts Natasha in anyway.
Degan: And you want to know why? -Me: He doesn't show feelings very often.-

30) What would you change in your past?
Nino: I would've somehow kept my parents alive.
Ryan: I would've stopped my dad from leaving on his adventure.
Lucy: I would've have done that to Oscar...Didn't I answer something like this already?
Lee: I would have made sure Natasha didn't get sick and almost die....
Degan: Nothing. -Me: Wow. You know! I wish I knew more of your past.-

31) What are your goals you want to achieve on your journey ^^?
Nino: I'm not really on a journey....
Ryan: To find my dad.
Lucy: To get my brother back to normal. -Me: I'm not sure that's possible....- Well that's my goal!
Lee: To make sure I'm not sent back to the momodo world.
Degan: To not return home.

32) Give one fact from your past.
Nino: My parents were killed by the villagers while protecting me.
Ryan: Gil and my dad left on the same adventure and we became friends shortly after. :D
Lucy: .....-Me: You're not going to say that one are you?- *closes eyes and blurts out* I accidently killed Oscar and the Sea Witch brought him back to life! But...he doesn't look like he did before. *starts crying* -Me: Wait! Don't cry! Oscar! Lucy's crying! Oscar: *comes and comforts Lucy*-
Lee: I was accidently added to the momodo battle. Technically I'm not even on the list of candidates, so I don't know what will happen to me if my book isn't burned when the last offical momodo is left.
Degan: I ran away from home.

33) If you could cosplay as any character, who would it be?
Nino: Well...maybe Hatsune Miku. I could dye my hair her color. It's long enough!
Ryan: Ummm....Monkey D. Luffy! I've been told I act like him a lot! -Me: Technically, I based you off him when I first created you. You're a lot cooler than him now. ^_^-
Lucy: Oh oh! Lucy from Fairy Tail! Then I wouldn't have to change my name, or wear a wig since we have the same hair color! -Me: Really? That's why?-
Lee: I don't think anyone really.....
Degan: Are we done yet? -Me: Almost.-

34) Give one fact that most people don't know about you.
Nino: Ummm, when I get really angry my eyes turn purple and wolf ears and a tail appear. When I get really excited only the ears and tail appear.
Ryan: That I actually can draw. Just because I do it a lot doesn't mean that people know. Gil knows but that's because he's know me forever.
Lucy: The heart on my cheek isn't permenant. I draw it on everyday!
Lee: I was an apprentice blacksmith to my dad. I could make you almost anything if you gave me the right tools.
Degan: *glares* -Lucy: He likes to read. Like I said before. :D- Shut up Lucy!

35) Would you do this interview again?
Nino: Maybe, if it was shorter.
Ryan: Yeah! Like ten times shorter!
Lucy: It doesn't need to be shorter. I thought it was just fine!
Lee: Definantly not.
Degan: No.

Me: I tag you all!!!!

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One Gakupo song I'm surprised I don't have! The Gale. It's favorited on my youtube...but I haven't downloaded yet!

Anime Survey

1) What was the first anime/manga you've ever seen/read?
Hmm Pokemon, Digimon, and One Piece were all around the same time...

2) What is your favorite anime/manga hands down?
Oh! FMA and Fairy Tail! Azumanga Daioh and Oban Star Racers (yes it's an anime! >:( ), are pretty close to.

3) How about the worst?
Death Note. It's really well written, but it's the only one that couldn't get all the way through. And let me tell you, I'm usually pretty good with any series.

4) Who's your anime crush (if you have one)? State the name and what anime they're from please!
Uhhh....I'm pretty sure there's many. I tend to like the short tempered, hot headed guys, funny guys. So, umm...prolly any of these (I like real people over anime, but if you ask my 'bout my OCs....XD), Zoro (One Piece) Ed (FMA) Inuyasha or Koga (Inuyasha) Natsu or Gray (Fairy Tail). Those are the only ones I can think of right now....yeah....I really don't have any anime crushes! O_o

5) What's your favorite anime opening?
Most all the the Fairy Tail Openings, but especially R.P.G. Rockin' Playing Game, Fiesta, and the OVA opening Eternal Fellows

6) Do you support any relationships in the animes/mangas you watch/read? If so, which is your favorite?
I do, but I don't really have a favorite. I can tell you which pairings I don't like though!

7) Shoujo or Shounen?
I'm not partial to either. Like I said earlier I'm pretty good with anything. So which ever has a good story line!

8) Do you prefer anime or manga?
I love them both, but I tend to watch anime more than read manga. It's just easier for me to get ahold of an episode than buy a manga. (I HATE reading manga online, but I will if I have to.) The manga is usually always better than the anime though.

9) Okay, I'm giving you permission to bring one anime character back to life who's died in their show. Who's it gonna be?
Hughes from FMA is a big one!!! I cried when he died!! Well...almost.... Other than that, I can't really think of anyone else from the top of my head.

10) When one life is born, another one ends. Pick a character you'd want to see dead.
All the characters I want dead die in their story...:/ Oh oh oh oh! Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club! He bugs me, sorry.

11) Do you like animes with a "happily ever after" ending, or do you like them filled with angst and bittersweetness?
Hahaha, I like happy endings. Yeah, I'm lame like that.

12) Which anime character can you relate to the most?
Uhhh....Probably Osaka from Azumanga Daioh. I think of the strangest things, and am happy over the smallest things.

13) Are you KIRA???????
NO!!!! ....Maybe....WHO TOLD YOU!?

14) If I picked you up and dropped you in an anime, would you be the hero, the villain, the unsuspecting victim, the annoying character everyone wants gone, or the comic relief?
Probably the comic relief.

15) From a scale of 1 to 10...how much of an Anime Freak are you?
Most likely a 6, 7, or 8. Anime is like...the only thing I watch, other than movies, but I read a lot of other books and talk about a ton of other things..in short. I do have a life outside of anime.

I love this song, and the show. Song is Chance to Shine sung by AKINO. The show created by the French and Japanese, that's why it's an anime....and that it's been and Anime Cons deems it anime worthy. :P