Hi everyone! Welcome to my world!

Name: Nino Umaka/Jess (Nino for short)

Age: 21

Gender: Girl (hope it would be obvious)

Likes: Food, sleep, anime, manga, anything that makes me laugh, CHEESECAKE!

Dislikes: Rude and annoying people, bugs in my house, FLIES! MISQUITOES! lack of sleep...other things.

Fav music: Dance, trance...basically anything upbeat and happy.

Fav books: Sabriel, The Outsiders, Howl's Moving Castle

Fav movie: THE SONIC THE HEDGEHOG MOVIE! The TMNT movies, and Pokemon Movies. (And a whole bunch more that I'm too lazy to type)

Fav shows: TMNT ('03 and'12), Code Lyoko,

Fav anime: Digimon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Zatch Bell, Clannad, (and a whole bunch more that I'm too lazy to type)

Fav game: Any Sonic the Hedgehog EXCEPT StH: The Secret Rings, I hate that one beyond hate! (Why I don't really know, but it's not my favorite at all.), Any Legend of Zelda, and Castlevania Bloodlines for the Sega Genesis, Ristar is pretty fun to. :3

(Other info could be put up eventually when I think of other things.)

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Ristar American ending credits!!! I love the song and the game! :3

Livestream Promise!

I hear by give you this promise. No matter how late it is for me or how tired I am I will livestream for a couple hours today! I promise you this! My timezone is Mountain time so at this moment it's 1:36 pm. I've got marching band, and my mom is possibly coming today to give me something, so I will most likely not start streaming until past 8 pm for me, but I will stream! This much is certain!


Now here's the most random music video you'll ever see. Let me tell you something first. The singers are Swedish and have absolutely no idea what they're singing. Keep that in mind if you start watching this. Heheheheheheh, my roommate showed this to me last night and I just watched it with my mouth open the whole time in amused shock.

Free Weekend!!!!! :D

I'm so sorry for disappearing guys! I've been so busy the past month! That's what university marching band does do you. But after the game on friday I'll have a free weekend and try to draw and upload lots of stuff! So if you have any requests or ideas just comment and tell me them! Just because you say something doesn't mean I'll 100% do it. I'd still need inspiration for the picture, but you can see!

But yes, ideas for picture over the weekend? Fanart would be great, but any idea will do!


Now about this video, I must tell you that the subtitles aren't accurate. But why this video is so funny is because two days before my marching professor showed this to us this EXACT same situtation happened before practice. Now, you may enjoy Hitler losing his cool!

What ticks me off.

Sorry, I'm in a kinda bad mood at the moment, and I just need to rant. I'm tired, dirty, and my day still isn't over. So if you don't want to read a bit a ranting please stop now. (Hey, I can still me nice while angry!)

So, what ticks me off. You know those people that go around and leave comments on picture about everything wrong about it? So, you look at the picture and you can see a couple things that are off with what they said, but it doesn't really take away from the picture. So you go to the person's profile that was critisizing, yes critisizing not critiquing, you work and you learn that they don't draw better than you. In fact they are really a lot worse than you. So you sit there and go, "Why the crap are they giving all this critisizing when they can't draw as well as me?" Then you get in a bad mood because you were just trolled and you had a long day to begin with. Ooooooh just ticks me off! I don't think people to critisize when they can't do as they preach. Critiquing is fine because people are trying to bring you up and make you better and they usually say everything in a nice way. Oh gosh, I HATE STUPID PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rage:

*sigh* Oh, that felt much better. Sorry about that guys. I didn't want to get all mean and out of character on you all, but I had to say it. I really do hate people that freakin' troll your art and can't draw how they say you should. It really frickin' ticks me off. Now on a happier note.....I don't have a happier note at the moment....wait....I just drank some grapefruit juice! Man, I love the stuff!


I'm SOOOOOO sorry!

I'm so very sorry that I've just sorta....stopped posting stuff. I've just recently moved into my dorm at college and just started up with marching band, so I'm very busy all day long! Really, i've only got 3 hours during the day for myself until 8:30 at night when I'm dead tired....(like now) I'll try my best to upload something. I do have a simple little thing in the works right now, but that might even me a couple of days before that gets finished. So do not worry! I'll still comment and reply to things, but the art is going to be very slow in coming.


Just recently discovered this song on Facebook. It's pretty good Amore sung my Megurine Luka

So much to pack so little room!

So, today I spent my day packing to go off to my first year of college.....and trying to track down a piccolo because mine mysteriously snapped in half before I even got a chance to play it yesterday....:confused: But yes, I want to pack so much but I can't! I had to figure out what books, anime, and manga were coming with me and what were staying behind. I can also tell you I'm a very good stuffer when it comes to stuffing clothes. :D Oh yes.

Oh! And yesterday was my B-day and just thought you'd all like to know I had a pretty good day! I'm finally 18 years old like the rest of my friends! WOoT! :la:

But yes, I've been packing all day, I'll be going up to my dorm tomorrow. I don't think I'll be putting up a ton of artwork this next week. I'm going to be busy all day long with university marching band, but I'll try my best!


KAITO and Len worry about what to get the girls for white day!