Hey, it's Jess!

I had a whole bunch of info up here originally, but I decided to take it down and just type this instead. I'm a 21 year old trash that's not quite come ready to grow up, but isn't quite wanting to stay young either. I have a odd obsession with turtles, I think they're the cutest things ever. TMNT, LoZ, and Sonic the Hedgehog are three of my most beloved franchises. Give me some cheesecake and I'll be your friend forever.

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Ristar American ending credits!!! You will listen to it and love it!

My kitty! <3

This is the first time in a few years that I've thought my 17 year old cat was cute, but today is special. For the past two months my cat has been meowing CONSTANTLY and today my mom discovered that on of his claws can't retract back in and had grown INTO his paw. Painful right!? Well she clipped the claw and pulled it out of his paw and he's been pretty quite ever since. And he's been sleeping on the couch next to me for the past hour or so. So I needed to take a couple pictures! I'm just going to share the cutest one (in my opinion) since I can't post more than on picture in a post.

See, 17 year old cats can still be cute.


Pay it Forward challenge help!

So I've been kinda asked to a part of the Pay it Forward challenge. Here's my problem, I need three people to draw a picture for who are willing to draw pictures for three other people! Is anyone willing to help me out? If you are just comment that you are and what you'd like me to draw for you!

Thanks in advance!

Any good coloring tutorials?

So....I'm getting tired of not being able to color and make my art pop. Basically my art itself is progressing and my coloring is not.... So, so any of you know of a coloring tutorial/style that you think would help my art and my own personal style? If you do would you link it in the comments on this journal?

All help would be appreciated!


Sorry guys/ 10 Free sketch requests open!

Sorry I haven't been very active lately guys. I just haven't had the time or motivation to finish anything digitally lately, but I haven been doing a lot of pencil sketches I just don't find them worthy enough to post online.

So, since I really want to post drawings again I'm going to join the bandwagon and offer a free pencil sketches to the first 10 people to comment here! Man I hope people will take the offer. -_-' So....yeah there you have it!


P.S. Oh! Just to warn you the sketches will be what I get the motivation to do. So it can range from a full body sketch to just a bust shot.

Random Updates!

'cause you all TOTALLY care what's been going on with me.

Well, I just got a job recently so most of my after college free time has now been taken up, and finals are closing in, so lots of things are going to be due soon. For example two of my music classes require me to memorize songs and stuff for their final so there goes even more time. Basically I'm saying that for this next month....I really don't have much time to do anything. I'll be lucky to finish that WIP I posted a couple days ago. (I'm determined to get it done before a week goes by. If not shoot me.)

What else....I don't have many good ideas for fanarts or anything lately. I've been drawing my OCs a whole bunch. So if you have any suggestions of fanarts you would like to see me do just shoot me a comment. But just because you comment necessarily mean that it will happen.

Ummm...yeah...my feet hurt from my first day at work today...but that really doesn't mean much. Now, I'm going to head off to bed....I have an early day tomorrow. (School just needs to be done! >_< ) Well, till next time guys!