Hey, it's Jess!

I had a whole bunch of info up here originally, but I decided to take it down and just type this instead. I'm a 21 year old trash that's not quite come ready to grow up, but isn't quite wanting to stay young either. I have a odd obsession with turtles, I think they're the cutest things ever. TMNT, LoZ, and Sonic the Hedgehog are three of my most beloved franchises. Give me some cheesecake and I'll be your friend forever.

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Ristar American ending credits!!! You will listen to it and love it!

Some help, please?

So, I've been really bummed about my ability to draw humans lately. I was wondering if any of you have/know of good anatomy references/books/websites/links, whatever, that you think would be useful to me. I don't particularly like looking at nude people, so if they're clothed, even if it's just underwear, that would be awesome! I have been looking for good references for a while, but the more I have the better!

Thanks a bunch guys!


Cardboard Pirate

So I'm walking home, taking a shortcut through my university's Fine Arts building and when I turn the corner I run into this thing. Scared the crap out of me. Why? Well I wasn't expecting a huge cardboard pirate to be around the corner. No it's not really scary, just unexpected, and to be honest it's actually pretty cool right?


So, I've been tagged by the awesome Natsu nii :D

1. what's you're favorite subject in school? OwO
Music, yes, that is a subject. -_-

2. How old are you? if it's touchy you don't have to answer
19. :3

3. if you were a monster what would you be?
One that could fly! :D

4. if you could get away with any crime what would you do?
Dude, I would rob the bank.

5. Favorite tv show?
Oh goodness, TMNT definitely, but Code Lyoko is quickly coming back on my radar.

6. what do you look for in a date/ relationship?
Trust and fun.

7. biggest fear?
Being alone.

8. weirdest dream?
Oh geez, lately I've been having a lot of dreams involving the marching band I'm in, and let me tell you they're all weird. Think about it, MARCHING BAND. Yeah, I think that's enough explaination.

9. top five animes in you're book :D
Ummm....well, the ones I keep going back to are, Fullmetal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Digimon, Clannad, and Pokemon. Most of those are really nostalgic ones for me though, that's why I keep going back. ^^'

10. biggest pet peeve? *hope its not chain letter spam hehe*
I have a lot of them, but one of my biggest ones is when people don't signal before they changes lanes while driving.

11. last good deed you did or have received :3
Uhhhh....driving a friend back up to our apartment? I don't know, I don't really pay attention to stuff like that. I probably should though.

Sorry, I don't tag other people...just saying, I wouldn't know who to tag. T_T

Double Tagged!

So, I was tagged by Kita Mikichi and Kamichama Karin s. Since I have to waste time here I am doing this! Let's go!

Kita Mikichi's first:


1. What's your favorite type of music?
I really enjoy OST's for video games, movies, tv shows. :)

2. What's your favorite genre in movies, anime, TV and/or books?
I like stuff that has a little bit of everything, but to get specific, Action/Adventure/Romance/Comedy.

3. Name a video/computer game in your library.
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (My favorite!)

4. Now name your favorite non-electronic game.

5. Who's your theOtaku buddy? Give 'em a shout-out! :D
Natsu nii! Hi buddy!!! ;D

6. Share a special memory?
Being able to sleep more than 8 hours a night....yes, that's a special memory for me, and it hasn't happened for about a month. :(

7. Name the last thing you and a friend or family member did for fun.
I went on a double date to a Haunted Hallows. I was totally embarrassed. Stupid guy jumping two inches in front of me! I almost punched him!

8. Got any siblings?
Yes! Two younger brothers.

9. Got any pets?
Yup, a dog a cat and some fist.

10. How's the weather in your area right now?
Freakin' cold! We already got some snow last week.

11. Did you thank someone you appreciate today?
....I don't think I have.

Kamichama Karin s's:

1: Who is your celeberty crush?
Hmmm....I don't think I have one.... O-O

2: Who is your internet crush? (Like Toby Turner, ect.)
Oh goodness, same answer as above.

3: What is the most nostalgic thing you can think of?
Coming home from school and being able to watch Code Lyoko, Teen Titans, and other cartoons of that time.

4: Do you like Vocaloid music?

5: Is there any place you really want to visit?
Europe! Like Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, and Ireland.

6: Do you prefer digital art or traditional art?
I do a little of both. I sketch on paper, and then I put it into the computer to line and color.

7: What is your favorite book (non-anime)
Sabriel. I can read that book forever.

8: Do you sing in the shower?
Yes I do, and I'm proud. >:D

9: Do you get involved in politics?
Not really....at all....like...I don't even know who's winning right now. That's how much I really don't care. I'm still not even registered to vote and I'm 19....

10: What is your favorite game? (video game, board game, card game, any)
Sonic! There's no contest really either. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is my all time favorite.

11: What animal fits your personality the best?
Well, my roommates say some sort of wild feline. But one of the smaller ones. Since I'm can be so cute one minute and then I'm biting off their head the next minute. It all really depends on how much sleep I get the previous night.

My questions!
1. What is your favorite series? (Movie, anime, manga, tv, ect.)
2. Favorite season?
3. What do you do in your free-time?
4. Your LEAST favorite color?
5. Favorite dessert?
6. Quick, tell us the weirdest dream you've ever had!
7. Do you have a guilty pleasure? (Mine is reading cheesy Harlequin manga. I can't get enough of the cheese. >_<)
8. Sweet or sour?
9. What do you plan to do with your life once you COMPLETELY finish school?
10. Is there any language you want to learn?
11. What is your middle name? (If you have one.)

I tag all you!!! >:D (I'm the lamest tagger on the planet. *dies*)

It's Finally Happened.

I wake up and look out my window because I wanted to see if it was still raining (since it was raining when I went to bed.) Instead I'm greeted with this....

Snow....darn freakin' Utah weather. >_< I was only wearing hoodies yesterday, and now I'm wearing coats and beanies.