Hi everyone! Welcome to my world!

Name: Nino Umaka/Jess (Nino for short)

Age: 21

Gender: Girl (hope it would be obvious)

Likes: Food, sleep, anime, manga, anything that makes me laugh, CHEESECAKE!

Dislikes: Rude and annoying people, bugs in my house, FLIES! MISQUITOES! lack of sleep...other things.

Fav music: Dance, trance...basically anything upbeat and happy.

Fav books: Sabriel, The Outsiders, Howl's Moving Castle

Fav movie: THE SONIC THE HEDGEHOG MOVIE! The TMNT movies, and Pokemon Movies. (And a whole bunch more that I'm too lazy to type)

Fav shows: TMNT ('03 and'12), Code Lyoko,

Fav anime: Digimon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Zatch Bell, Clannad, (and a whole bunch more that I'm too lazy to type)

Fav game: Any Sonic the Hedgehog EXCEPT StH: The Secret Rings, I hate that one beyond hate! (Why I don't really know, but it's not my favorite at all.), Any Legend of Zelda, and Castlevania Bloodlines for the Sega Genesis, Ristar is pretty fun to. :3

(Other info could be put up eventually when I think of other things.)

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Ristar American ending credits!!! I love the song and the game! :3

Hetalia - China Cosplay

My outfit for Con is almost done! I have my hair and make up to finish up, but I think it looks okay so far!

:WIP: Commissions in Progress

Here are some commissions I'm working on for people on DA. I won't be shading them here since my laptop likes to screw up my colors, and I'm out of town working on these right now.

I hope you enjoy!


Hahaha, oops~~~

So, I created that Animation Overload world right? Well, it's kinda driving me nuts that it doesn't have a theme. I can easily give it a theme, yes. But I also want a specific picture for it, but I would need to draw that. T_T And, I'm lazy~~~ As soon as I finish a certain frame for the Opening for TNN, I guess I'll put that for the picture.....Maybe.....


Hahaha, oh wow!

So, I've just realized that I've been drawing a lot of short comics lately, but I haven't been posting them! I'll get right on that as soon as I have access to a scanner. Haha, I always want to do things when I'm out of town visiting my family. *dies*
Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy them because all these comics coming up are based on the Naruto themed RP my friend and I are doing. Just a little warning: Yes, are characters have romantic relationships/interests in canon characters. No, we do not ruin relationships that have been established in the actual series. My character, Nino, and I lost to a coin toss. That's how her relationship was established, and my friend's character, Angu, ...well, I don't really know how that came to be.
We also ship NaruXSasu. Why? Because Masashi has basically established that in the series as well. It's as good as canon, is what we have decided. So, a few of the comics may touch on that or involve that. They're not really in the RP in general, so it won't be too prominent.
And....yeah, that all I have to say. I hope you will enjoy them when I get them posted!



For those of you who don't know what a livestream is. It's where you go and what someone do something in basically real time. Ha! I'll update this everytime I hold a livestream.

Working on my to-do list. Come and chat with me! :3

Mic will NOT be on. I'll be answering all quesions through the chat box.