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Ristar American ending credits!!! I love the song and the game! :3

{Literature} [FE:A] Gregor : Loyalty

So, I was accepted into a Fire Emblem: Awakening group over on tumblr/twitter and this was my audition piece. I was originally going to audition as Stahl, but he was taken right before I finished my piece. The same happened with Kellam shortly after. So, I then moved onto Gregor and surprisingly found that I really enjoy writing for our lovable Mercenary.

The prompt I chose for the audition was: Your character is approached by Chrom after their recruitment. Chrom asks for a way for your character to prove their loyalty to his cause.

I originally wrote this at work and submitted it through my friend's phone, so this is a re-write of the original, but it's still very similar. I just thought that I would share it with all of you because I'm actually quite fond of this little drabble! The picture was also quickly drawn by me, because I wanted a personalized icon for twitter.

If you're interested in joining the RP group please check out ferptwitter.tumblr.com/. There are still plenty of characters still needing to be claimed! I would love to be able to RP with all of you!


Gregor was currently in the mess hall having a drinking competition with Vaike and Sully, and if he didn’t know better he’d think he was losing. But, he did know better and knew that there was no way he could lose. Considering that Vaike was already teetering in his chair and Sully was slowing down. He had this competition in the bag, and soon a purse full of gold as well. The three were moving onto their sixth glass when Chrom entered the mess hall and made his way through the crowd that had gathered over to Gregor.

“Gregor can I speak with you?” Chrom asked, placing a hand on the mercenary’s shoulder.

“Yes, yes, but can it be waiting? Gregor is in the middle kicking comrade’s butts,” Gregor said, earning cries of indignation from Vaike and Sully.

Chrom shook his head and gestured to the mess hall enterance. “No. I’d like to speak with you before we all head to bed for the night, and start marching tomorrow.”

Gregor sighed in defeat, stood up, and followed Chrom out of the mess hall. Once the two had made their way to a quitter part of camp, Gregor turned to Chrom and folded his arms across his chest. “What is being so important that you are needing to take away Gregor’s victory?”

“I was wondering how much longer you’ll be staying with us Gregor,” Chrom said.

“Gregor does not understand,” Gregor said, frowing a bit.

“You see, you’ve been with us for a few battles already and have already proved to be a formidable force. But, as you said when we first met, you’re a sell-sword and you’ve probably already noticed, we aren’t made of money. What funds we do have goes to supplies. If you do stay with us you might not get paid for many months to come,” Chrom explained.

Gregor burst out laughing. “Gregor is still here, no?”

“Excuse me?” Chrom asked confused.

“If Gregor was really in the needing for money, he would have left many weeks ago,” Gregor replied chuckling.

“So, you’re not staying for the money?”

Gregor shrugged. “Gregor could be asking for money later, or not. It is up for the debating, yes? Gregor does know, that he has developed a soft spot for fellow Shepherd comrades and would not feel good leaving them now.”

Chrom nodded, thinking he understood. “So, are you saying that you’ll be loyal to the Shepherds until the end of the war?”

“Gregor can agree, yes.”

Chrom sighed slightly. “Good, that is all I needed to know.”

“Did you really have such little faith in Gregor?” Gregor asked, a humorous glint in his eye.

“What? No, I didn’t mean-“ Chrom stammered, afraid he had just offended the mercenary.

“Do not be the worrying. Gregor wouldn’t have much trust in Gregor either,” Gregor laughed, slapping Chrom on the back. He then gave Chrom a sly wink. “Besides, there are many pretty ladies in Shepherds. Gregor just can’t be letting them go unprotected.”

Chrom was speechless, mouth slightly open, staring at Gregor with an unreadable expression.

Gregor slapped Chrom’s back again and laughed. “Now, if you’d be excusing Gregor, he needs to be demanding a rematch.”

With that Gregor was off, leaving Chrom alone, to listening to the crowd of Shepherds that were still cheering in the mess hall. Realizing how he must look, Chrom quickly cleared his throat and looked around making sure no one saw him. Turning on his heel, he then began making his way to his tent, muttering to himself. “How do I always end up getting myself into these situations? At least I know that he isn’t going to leave us when someone with a fatter wallet comes along…I just wish I knew if he was joking about the women or not.”


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Probably a gaming livestream tonight!

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