Hi everyone! Welcome to my world!

Name: Nino Umaka/Jess (Nino for short)

Age: 21

Gender: Girl (hope it would be obvious)

Likes: Food, sleep, anime, manga, anything that makes me laugh, CHEESECAKE!

Dislikes: Rude and annoying people, bugs in my house, FLIES! MISQUITOES! lack of sleep...other things.

Fav music: Dance, trance...basically anything upbeat and happy.

Fav books: Sabriel, The Outsiders, Howl's Moving Castle

Fav movie: THE SONIC THE HEDGEHOG MOVIE! The TMNT movies, and Pokemon Movies. (And a whole bunch more that I'm too lazy to type)

Fav shows: TMNT ('03 and'12), Code Lyoko,

Fav anime: Digimon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Zatch Bell, Clannad, (and a whole bunch more that I'm too lazy to type)

Fav game: Any Sonic the Hedgehog EXCEPT StH: The Secret Rings, I hate that one beyond hate! (Why I don't really know, but it's not my favorite at all.), Any Legend of Zelda, and Castlevania Bloodlines for the Sega Genesis, Ristar is pretty fun to. :3

(Other info could be put up eventually when I think of other things.)

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Ristar American ending credits!!! I love the song and the game! :3


For those of you who don't know what a livestream is. It's where you go and what someone do something in basically real time. Ha! I'll update this everytime I hold a livestream.

We'll be playing Ao Oni! Come and join me!


Gaming Livestream + Mic [OFFLINE]

Tonight we'll be playing some games, come request a game, or pick from a list that I have written up already! My mic will be on, so you can here my terrible attempts at playing video games~

Probably a gaming livestream tonight!

So, I'm at a complete lack of ideas for what I want to do tonight. So, I was thinking about doing a gaming livestream. Probably some flash horror games, or just other flash things I can find.

If you have any ideas of what I should play, or if you'd even think about showing up let me know!

Livestreaming! Offline

I'll be working on a contest entry, and a few commissions. My mic will be on, so come and watch me draw while listening to my ratchet voice!

Come join me!

Patreon: Please read!

Normally I wouldn't self promote like this, but I just would let you guys know that I've opened a Patreon! If you haven't heard of it before, it's basically a campaign site were you can go and support your favorite artists and more by helping to fund them. You donate a certain amount of money once a month, and you get special perks by doing so.

So, I've opened a Patreon, because I can't really do much but draw and make speed paint videos. My parents are pressuring me to make money in anyway I can, so this was the only thing I could think of. You only need to donate $1 a month, and that would be a huge help for me!

There are perks for every amount option for donating. Also, if we reach certain goals I'll be able to help you guys out a lot by holding tutorial livestreams, or even just making tutorial videos for you!

Please check it out at least! I would really help me a lot!



Thank you!!! :heart: