Valentines day!

Happy Early Valentines day (for the kids and everyone)! <3 well school these days always keeps me busy.

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Game it !

7. I feel happy today so I will be holding a a game of guesses right here.
Try to guess as many questions or answer problems as you can. the first 5 who comment or post the right answer will get 2 gifts and if I still havn't subscribed to you I will. This isn't much of a challenge at all it is ONLY FOR FUN! Thos who participate will get a gift. Answers and the end date will be on Feb. 20,2012. Begin!

Game off!




1. what is my fav anime? (You can put down four if you want and there is no bonus. I hav 4 fav anime shows.)
2.what does this look like? ('?')
3.How many ! are there?

optical illusion

6. bored. lots of hmwrk!

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here are the answers to last times jokes.

1. because the egg cracked a yolk
2. because it's mother has been a wafer for so long
3. in sundae school
4. on the honor roll
5. choco-late


1.always busy.


1. Why did the bacon laugh?
2.why was the cookie crying?
3. where can u learn to make icecream?
4.where do smart butters go?
5.what is candy never on time?

for the answers come bak again.


4.A great comic makes a bad day into a good day.

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