Bongo's Profile

Name: Bongo
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Crane
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: White
Personality: Kind, good compromiser, can get angry when drunk
Likes: The Princesses, drinks, the White Rabbit, having fun
Dislikes: The Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter family, the talking flowers
Attack Types: Can control the drinks and a little genjutsu
Family: None
Relationships: None yet
Friends: Princess of Checkers, Princess of Diamonds, Princess of Spades, Prince of Diamonds, Chester, White Rabbit, and Jess
Weapon: 4 aces spear
Favorite Song: N/A
Sayings: "Why don't we all just get along?"
Looks: Like Sudon. Is a black crane with a red heart, a red diamond, a white club on the feathers, and a black spade on his beak
Clothing: Black and white vest, black joker's hat, and red shorts
History: Bongo is the one who made the "Drink Me" and "Eat Me" items. After Alice left, the Queen of Hearts decided to use Bongo to get control of the drinks and food that make you shrink and grow. Bongo didn't want to serve the queen, but wanted to serve the rest of the royal families. He liked going to each one, especially the Princess of Checkers. You can find him selling goods in his cart or serving each of the 5 royal kingdoms.

Bongo: Provisions! Get your drinks and foods here! Only one penny!!!