Worm's Profile

Name: Worm
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Witch's cat
Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Yellow
Personality: Jinx, smart, con-artist
Likes: Fish, being alone, tricking people, Malady, Shiloh
Dislikes: Jess feeding Scratch, Reo, Itachi, Grudge etc.
Attack Types: Can possess people
Family: None
Relationships: None but has a little crush on Malady
Friends: Jess, Wilt, Coffin, Scratch, and the Cerberus(sort of)
Weapon: None
Favorite Song: N/A
Sayings: "Do whatever you want with me, I don't care..."
Looks: A Grey Skinny Cat; bones show
Clothing: None
History: If you had read or watched Coraline, you have seen Worm. Worm was Coraline and Wybie's cat. He went with them to the Other world and such...until Itachi stole him from his world and took him to the Akatsuki. When Jess was 8 and joined Akatsuki, Worm joined her side and she signed a contract to summon him. Everything since then was a living hell for Worm. But one day, Cerberus chased Worm and ate him. Actually Worm is now happy and living inside a three-headed dog.^^

Worm: ....hey.