Tsuki's Profile

Name: Tsuki Ichibi/Yoshida
Age: Baby(For now)
Gender: Male
Species: Bobcat(Femalish)
Hair Color: Sandy Blonce
Eye Color: Pure Silver
Personality: Shy, quiet, spends 80% of the time blushing
Likes: Tuna, reading, writing, going outside, full moons, his mother
Dislikes: Going alone in public, etc.
Attack Types: Moon and Wind
Family: Shukaku Ichibi(Father), Yurikami Yoshida(Mother), Yumi and Yuki(Sister and Brother)
Relationships: None yet
Friends: Jess and Yuri
Weapon: Samarai Sword
Favorite Song: N/A
Sayings: "..."
Looks: Like Kyo Sohma from Fruit Basket
Clothing: N/A yet
History: N/A yet