Shadow's Profile

Name: Shadow
Age: Same as Jess
Gender: Female(but can change from time to time)
Species: Shadow(What else people?)
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: yellow
Personality: Prankster, tricky, has a soft spot towards Jess, annoying
Likes: Getting on peoples nerves, controlling things, having fun
Dislikes: Akane, Abrakazi, anyone else doing her job
Attack Types: Can form into other things to possess them
Family: None
Relationships: None
Friends: Shadow Oogie, Jess, Ria, etc.
Weapon: Usually none
Favorite Song: Those were the days by Mary Hopkins
Sayings: "Congrats, you found my shadow. Neat trick huh? Hehehehehehe!"
Looks: A black figure who originally looks like Jess. The only thing not black is her eyes and mouth which is yellow
Clothing: It depends on who she's possessing
History: When Jess was ten and she went to Halloween Town to get Oogie out of jail, that's when Shadow was created. Shadow loves to do pranks and possess people by transforming into their shadow. She treats her creator Jess like a cute child and would only be nice then. Shadow and Shadow Oogie team up to try and destroy Jack Skellington. If you want a good laugh, ask Shadow!

Shadow: Hey everyone!