Dark Shukaku's Profile

Name: Dark Shukaku (Also known as Dark S.)
Age: As old as Shukaku
Gender: Male
Species: Dark Tanuki Demon
Hair Color: Blonde with black streaks
Eye Color: Golden yellow
Personality: playful, evil, funky, cool, queit, a taunter
Likes: blood, controlling Gaara, Jess, rape, women
Dislikes: D.Kyuubi, Shukaku controlling him, Akatsuki, Yuri, people afraid
Attack Types: Wind, Darkness, Blood, and Sand
Family: None
Relationships: None
Friends: The only friend Dark S. would consider is Jess
Weapon: His sand, darkness, and a black and red spear
Favorite Song: Animal I have Become by Three Dasy Grace
Sayings: "Of all the millions of people in the world and I get to fight with TwiddleDee the WonderDummy..."(He's referring to Naruto)
Looks: Like Shukaku but is much taller than Shukaku
Clothing: Black robes with red ribbon sash, Sand Village headband, chains around wrists, and black kazekage hat
History: No one knows the true reason how Dark Shukaku came to be. But I think Dark Shukaku is the one from the anime without Jess and the real Shukaku is the one who met Jess, according to personality. Dark Shukaku was caged all the time, letting Shukaku do all of the work for him. When he comes out, he'll be more than 100 feet and he'll have this funky voice from the anime. He would seem unstable and unstoppable. The only way to calm him is if Jess is with him. When Jess is around, that's the only time Dark Shukaku turns soft. Like Shukaku, Dark S. hates D. Kyuubi as a rival.

~Dark S.