Spits' Profile

Name: Spits
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Bat or Spider(I'll explain)
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Red
Personality: Unreadable, Jazzy, doesn't talk to most people
Likes: Billards, scatting, Jazz, Swing, Drums, Oogie, Jess, Taro, Barrel, and Deiara
Dislikes: Shock, Lock, Chicago and Poker's fighting, being the young small one
Attack Types: Psycic, Wind, Song, Web, Transformation, Voice
Family: Willow(Mother), Long Legs(Father), Louie, Chicago, Poker(Brothers)
Relationships: None
Friends: Jess, Oogie, Hybrid, Barrel, Taro, Deiara(sort of)
Weapon: Staffs that turn into drumsticks or billard sticks and he can shoot spider webs
Favorite Song: Lets start a riot by Three Days Grace
Sayings: "Doll face, thank you for being the first one to understand me."
Looks:(when human) Purple and black skin, short, spiky hair, sharp teeth
Clothing: Purple jacket, black shirt, red jeans with black spider web design, sunglasses, red baseball cap
History: No one has really known Spits because he doesn't usually talk. His mother was a bat and his father was a spider(Spits called his dad "Daddy LongLegs" XD) LongLegs was a frined of Oogie's, so LongLegs let Oogie raise Spits. Everyone called him Spits because he would usually spit a spider web from his mouth. Spits can transform into a bat and a spider. Whenever his brothers fight, Spits would leave them, transform into a purple spider and stay with Oogie (Remember in the movie when the purple spider came out from Oogie's head and laughed at Sandy Claws? That was Spits). Spits is considered mute to most people, but only talks to certain people. He is also psycic like Jess and can use any kind of voice he wants. When he talks, he mostly uses Oogie's voice. You can find Spits hustling near a game of billards, playing his drums, or hanging out with his friends.