Chicago's Profile

Name: Chicago
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Bat
Hair Color: Blood Red
Eye Color: Bright Red
Personality: Quiet and cool, but can be loud when playing blackjack
Likes: blackjack, Jess, Oogie Boogie, singing, blood, his brothers, playing his saxophone, Akane, Hybrid
Dislikes: Jack, Shock, Barrel, Poker, Jess being all nice, going to jail all the time
Attack Types: Wind, Fire, song
Family: Louie, Poker, Spits(Brothers)
Relationships: None
Friends: Jess, Oogie, Hybrid, Akane, and Lock
Weapon: Giant saws and saxophone
Favorite Song: Hit the road Jack
Sayings: "Word on the street said that you are tough, right?"
Looks:(when human) Red and black skin, short, spiky hair, sharp teeth
Clothing: Red jacket, blak shirt, black pants with Ace cars sewn into them
History: When Oogie won a poker game and ate the man from Chicago, the man's soul turned into a bat named Chicago. Chicago didn't know any moves at first, so Louie had to teach him a few things. He learned his fire techniques when Akane was there. He liked playing with Floyde and Hybrid in blackjack. Although Chicago is quiet, he can be loud in a game of blackjack or when he's fighting with Poker. He was the second oldest bat brother of the quartet. He met 10 year old Jess when he was in jail with Oogie. You could see him either with Hybrid, Akane, or alone playing his saxophone. He also has fights with Hybrid once in a while. Chicago has the power to talk to Hybrid's cards, yet no one hears the cards say anything, making Chicago a weirdo.

Chicago: I'm not a weirdo!!!

Me: Yeah, yeah, yeah *sarcastic*