Louie's Profile

Name: Louie
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Bat
Hair Color: Yellow
Eye Color: Red
Personality: Smooth, funny, wise-cracking, leader
Likes: darts, Jess, Oogie Boogie, singing, blood, his brothers, playing his trumpet
Dislikes: Akane, Poker and Chicago's fights, Hysteria and getting hit
Attack Types: Wind, Lightning, song
Family: Chicago, Poker, Spits(Brothers)
Relationships: None
Friends: Jess, Oogie, Hybrid,
Weapon: sharp darts and trumpet
Favorite Song: Oogie Boogie Song by NBC
Sayings: "Without me, my brothers won't ever prosper."
Looks:(when human) Yellow and black skin, medium hair, sharp teeth
Clothing: Black jacket, yellow shirt, black and yellow striped pants, chains surrounding ankles
History: Louie was Oogie's first skeletal bat to live with him. Louie had great ideas, but always keeps them to himself. When his brothers came over, he took responsibility towards them. Without Louie, the bat brothers would always fight and their singing will be horrible. When Louie went missing and Jess found him in Shukaku's closet, Louie was greatful. Jess can now summon Louie and his brothers. He is the oldest brother in the quartet and he love throwing darts around. You can always find him hanging from his chain, playing his trumpet.