Announcemt/Floyde's Info

Koumori reminded me to update on the story, so after this profile..I'll continue the story from where it left off...

Name: Floyde
Age: 18
Gender: Male/Genderless
Species: Wight Knight Heartless
Hair Color: None; (formerly) Black
Eye Color: Yellow; (formerly) Green
Personality: over-confident, a prankster at heart, but has a kind side to him
Likes: playing cards, his small family, Jess's candy, etc.
Dislikes: Maleficent, getting punched by Akane, losing a bet, etc.
Attack Types: Darkness, Magic, Ghost, Fire
Family: Cousins(Jiji and Vivi), Floyde didn't remember his mom or dad
Relationships: None Currently
Friends: Jiji, Vivi, Jess, Akane, Deiara, Oogie Boogie, Shukaku, etc.
Weapon: None
Favorite Song: Riot by Three Days Grace
Sayings: "After I given up my life for the life of a child, I still became a heartless for my past mistakes."
Looks: A mummy with ribs sticking out and the heartless symbol tattooed on his chest
Clothing: None but one time Jess gave Floyde some jeans and a brown jacket for a disguise
History: Floyde was an orphan and he was bullied in the streets of New York City. That caused him to use drugs, gamble, and steal from banks and resteraunts. One day by accident, Floyde dropped a cigar on the floor, making a building burn up into flames. He then risked his own life by saving a little girl who was trapped in the flames. In the end of the fire, Floyde died as a human. Despite the fact that he saved a human, he still became a heartless. Maleficent assigned him to be the leader of the Halloween Town heartless. He collects all the hearts he stole and sells them for profit. Jiji helps Floyde once in a while. Floyde is still leading the Halloween Town heartless, but he became Akane's heartless.

Sorry that I didn't update. I had writer's block...-_-'