Jiji's Info

Name: Jiji
Age: N/A
Gender: Male/Genderless
Species: Shadow Heartless
Hair Color: None; (formerly) Blonde
Eye Color: Yellow; (formerly) Blue
Personality: Quiet, adventurous, scary at times, nice
Likes: His friends, music, happiness
Dislikes: Maleficent, abuse, and looking chibi-ish
Attack Types: Darkness and Magic
Family: Mother/killed by Vivi, Father/killed by Jiji, Twin Brother/Vivi(is currently missing), Older Cousin/Floyde(Leader of Halloween Town Heartless
Relationships: None Currently but he has a crush on Ai
Friends: Vivi, Ai, Jess, and Floyde
Weapon: None so far
Favorite Song: Poor Unfornate Souls by Jonas Brothers
Sayings: "I'd rather go with an unpredictable fan girl than an old hag like you, Maleficent"
Looks: Very small and cute
Clothing: Like Vivi's clothing except that Jiji's is red and black
History: Jiji and Vivi were abused by their parents when they were little. So Jiji and Vivi killed them. After that, both the twins became regular heartless. Jiji became Maleficent's heartless by force. When Jiji met Ai and turned her into a heartless, he didn't want her heart to go away forever...so he kept it for himself. Maleficent sent Jiji on a mission to kill Jess at the same time that Vivi was going to Twilight Town. Before he did however, he felt guilt of taking Ai's heart. He gave Ai a golden heart necklace as a gift. Later, Jiji met Jess and Gaara during the Chunin Exams. Jess spoiled Jiji by putting him into cute and ridiculus outfit. Jiji decided to stay with Jess than to stay with the old witch. He is still a shadow heartless leader and he sometimes help his cousin Floyde. Jiji is currently helping Jess and looking for Vivi and Ai. Jiji's voice is Jesse McCartny's