Jessica of the Sand Info

Just thought you should know the characters in these stories for a while:

Name: Jess of the Sand
Age: 12-15 (before Shippuden)
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Blue
Personality: Kind, caring, annoying, creative, Autistic
Likes: Her sensei, sand, her best friend Deiara, and a lot of things
Dislikes: Dark Kyuubi, evil people, Leeches(self-explainatory)
Attack Types: Psycic, mysterious, sand, wind, transformation
Family: Mother/Karura(Died after giving birth to Gaara), Father/Sasori(In Akatsuki), Uncle/Deidara(In Akatsuki), Older Brother/Naara(In Akatsuki), and Twin Sister/Maleficent(in Kingdom Hearts)
Relationships: Gaara and Taro
Friends: Deiara, Gaara, Taro, Celena, Shukaku, Kyuubi(Sort of), mostly everyone is her friend
Weapon: She uses her heart locket to tranform into demons, like in Ben 10
Favorite Song: Cupid Shuffle by Cupid
Sayings: "You can beat me up, call me names, or kill me. But if you hurt my friends, I'll gladly kill you!"
Looks: Long hair; down to shoulders, has bands that covers eyes
Clothing: Red shirt, black chunin jacket, and red pants, red sneakers, Rainbow necklace with heart locket
History: When Jess was born, her twin sister, Maleficent was very jealous of her. 6 years later, Jess met Gaara and became friends instantly. But during the time Gaara was almost killed on a full moon night, Orochimaru took Jess and gave her a cursemark. Jess was sent to the demon's realm where she met the Legendary 9. She also met many friends over the next 6 years. She met Deiara sometime when she was younger and the two became best friends, despite all the drama that came from either Deiara's side or Jess's side. Jess had many adventures after that. When Jess was 13, she went to the Chunin exams with Naruto, the gang, and Sora from Kingdom Hearts. When Maleficent came back and decided to destroy the Naruto world, Jess sacrificed her life for everyone. With the help of Sora, Naruto, and her nobody named Akane, Jess defeated Maleficent at the Chunin exams and became a Chunin. She is always there for a friend.