Little Shop of Horrors Trailer

It all began in this Little Shop on the outskirts of Japan…

“Where the hell is Seymour?”

“Coming, Mr. Mushnik!”

… Where something strange and interesting suddenly came into our boring lives…

“You’re an overnight sensation, Seymour!”

“Who would have believed it?”

It’s just an ordinary story. It’s all about a boy…

"Who cares if I was on the anemic side these past few weeks?”

… A girl…

“You don’t meet nice boys in the Hidden Shinobi Villages…”

… A Florist…

“Between you and me, neither is the Audrey One!”

… A Dentist…

“Hello ladies. Which is the way to 1313 Skid Row?”

Yes, it’s just an ordinary plot-


Wait, who said that?

“Me! Look down here, you baka!”

Oh, yes… I’m sorry! Did I forget to mention

Feed me, Seymo’

A plant…?

Feed me all night long“How am I supposed to keep on feeding you, kill people?”

Untold Naruto Fairytales

Little shop, little shoppa horrors.
Little shop, little shoppa terror.

Little Shop of Horrors!

Witness a musical that will change your life forever. Experience the laughter…

“Let me guess… you got all tied up!”

“No… Just handcuffed a little…”

… The suspense…

“… And when they did, they found a Mushnik’s Skid Row Florist shop bag in his office!”

“What does that supposed to mean?”

… The romance…

“Relax and go with it, doll. Do me a favor, will you Sweetheart?”
“A favor?”
“I need me some water in the worse way…”

… The drama…

“When I die- which will be very shortly- give me to the plant! That way it’ll grow and give you all the wonderful things you deserve!”

“Audrey, you don’t know what you’re saying.”

… And The HORROR!

“The Sequel!? What about the Sequel!?!”
“…” *record scratches*

“Who do you think you are; Rick Moranis?”

Based on the Hit Musical
Howard Ashman & Alan Menken

Arachnea Chikumo
Jane Yamanaka
Echo Kazekana
Sex the Humonculous

Featuring the Married Couple
Jessica of the Sand & Taro Chikumo

“Feed me, Krelborn! Feed me now!”

One of the first ever plants on stage to sing for its supper!

“Don’t you see, Seymo’? We’re partners… partners in crime!”

“… I was afraid you’d say that…”

Coming in March
Ready to eat The Otaku

“So… go… GIT IT!!!”

March 18, 2010