Inside Taro :3

Jess X Taro

Jess watched her sleeping husband with affection as he was dreaming about her. She had a plan to surprise Taro during the morning. The purple haired girl tiptoed quietly in Taro's kitchen and made breakfast, including a glass of her sweet blood. Then she made a hand sign and shrunk herself. She climbed the tall glass and dived into the bloody drink where she waited for Taro to come down.

Taro woke up happy, but he was confused. 'Where was Jessy?' He thought as he brushed his teeth and headed downstairs where his breakfast waited for him. There was a note also on the table.

Dear Taro-kun,

I had to go somewhere. I'll miss you so much. I'll come back tomorrow and be with you some more. Here is your breakfast. I made it myself!


~Your Jessy

Taro smiled and sat down. He started to eat slowly to savour the taste. Once he finished eating, he then grabbed the blood glass where Jess was in and drank it all.

Jess cheered as she was swallowed whole and she slid down Taro's smooth throat with ease. She giggled when she landed softly in the Chikumo's stomach.

I will continue later...