Deiara in Wonderland

The 2nd edition to the "Rewritten OC Series". Next story is: Alice in Wonderland^^


Alice~ Deiara (Cate' OC)
White Rabbit~ ???
Bongo~ As Himself
Dodo Bird~ ???
Twiddle Dee~ ???
Twiddle Dum~ ???
Walrus~ Shukaku
Carpenter~ Kyuubi (Cate's OC)
Oysters~ ???
Bill the Lizard~ ???
Flowers~ ???
Caterpillar~ ???
Duchess~ ???
Baby~ ???
Frog Servant~
Fish Servant~
Cheshire Cat~ Jess
Mad Hatter~ Twoey
March Hare~ Naara
DorMouse~ Spits
Queen of Hearts~ Shippuden Deiara (Cate' OC)
Cards~ ???
King of Hearts~ ???

If you have any OC's who want to be in the story, PM or comment here please. Once we have all characters, we could begin. Thank you