LSoH Anime/Manga (Act One Complete)

This is an alternative, different plot line that I've been working on based on the BroadWay Musical; Little Shop of Horrors. I got the idea to do this while watching some highschool productions on YouTube. In one video, they used a real actor instead of a puppet:

They gave the guy a green costume, put him in a giant flowerpot, and POW! You get a Twoey Anthro.

There is also other videos with a different perspective. Like Audrey II having 5 seductive women as vines:

Having Audrey II manifest into a human form in an unexplained way:

AND having Audrey II being played by a girl O_O':

So I decided to make an alternative look on the play and turn it into a modern manga/anime. I hope you enjoy and I don't own this great musical.