Audrey II's Profile

From the movie, musical, broadway hit: Little Shop Of Horrors. I have wanted to know where the villian Audrey II (Heh, he's been named after a girl XD!) came from, so I got this:

Play Version of the Song "Feed Me":

Movie Version:

Name: Audrey II "Twoey"
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Alien Venus Fly Trap
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Clear Green (He's Blind)
Personality: demanding, funny, persuasive, musical, stubborn, impatient, friendly, vile
Likes: Jess, eating, scaring people, blood, gore, being big
Dislikes: anything not meat, being hungry, resistance, loniness
Attack Types: Vine, Plant, Blood, Song, Earth
Family: Roulette- Creator
Relationships: None Yet
Friends: Jess, Roulette, Oogie, Thorn, Taro, etc.
Weapon: Teeth, Mouth, Vines, and Machete
Favorite Song: Feed Me (Git it) From Little Shop Of Horror
Sayings: "DOES this look inanimate to you, punk!? If I can talk and I can move, who's to say I can't do anythin' I want?"
Looks: (Plant form) Venus Fly Trap with a mouth, teeth, and many vines (Human Form) black skinned avereage height boy who looks like a kid but is WAY older
Clothing: (Human form) Neon green shirt with vines around it, gray sweatpants, barefoot
History: Roulette once had a garden and his first ever plant was a Venus Fly Trap. When his planet got destroyed, Roulette took his plant and left to find a new home. Upon looking for one, he accidently dropped his plant onto Earth, creatinf a solar ecplise and the plant landed in a chinese shop where Seymour Kerlbourn was looking for a strange plant. He found the plant and named it Audrey II. When Audrey 2, everyone called him Twoey, becomes popualar, there is a down side. Twoey lives off of blood. As the plant eats, it gets bigger and bigger just like how Roulette does. Twoey finally speaks to Seymour in a male voice. He tells him to kill people in order for him to grow. Once Seymour does this, Twoey grows bigger and plans for World Domination. Seymour then electrocutes Twoey and ends up exploding into a billion pieces. But, one of those pieces landed right in a garden where Jess's mansion is. Seeing this seed, Jess tries to grow it and Twoey is reborn. He doesn't want to dominate the world... yet... but he still thinks evil thoughts, but tends to be friendly sometimes.