Michael's Profile

Note that I do NOT, I repeat, NOT own Michael because he is, I mean was, a living person. I am only doing his profile for a world that I'm working on.

Name: Michael Joseph Jackson
Age: 50 (deceased)
Gender: Male
Species: Angel/ghost
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: brown
Personality: kind, caring, wants to help children and the world
Likes: children, making music, life
Dislikes: drugs, child abuse, the papparazzi
Attack Types: Can transform into anything when a shooting star appears, possess people, and other magical powers are unknown
Family: Katherine (mother), Joe (Father), nine brothers and sisters, and Prince Michael II, Paris, and Blanket (His two sons and daughter)
Relationships: Once married Lisa Marie Presley and Debbie Rowe but divorced the two of them
Friends: All of the children, Diana Ross, Elizabeth Taylor
Weapon: N/A
Favorite Song: He cannot decide, all of his songs are his favorites XD
Sayings: "If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything in between can be dealt with."
Looks: like a female but is pure male and NOT GAY!
Clothing: Anything really flashy. Mostly his smooth criminal outfit
History: To make a long history short, Michael had a great life. Despite the trials, diseases, and papparazzi, Michael has earned the title of The King of Pop. When he was younger, he met many kids, most of them from Japan and America. On June 25, 2009, he died with painkillers and a cardiac arrest. Some believe that he was murdered and he shouldn't have to die. While everyone is figuring out all about Jacko, Michael wanted to find out who had killed him and try to save his city from descruction. So as a ghost, he recruits his friends from Japan to protect his city and help him out.

May Michael Jackson rest in peace...
August 29, 1958-June 25, 2009