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SandLover13~Head Writer
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All Around Main Hero: Jess (Universal)
All Around Main Villian: Concerto Mayhem (Universal)


  • Jessica of the Sand
  • Shukaku Ichibi
  • Misa Ichibi
  • Dark Shukaku
  • Naara Uzumaki
  • Komiki Hyuuga
  • Sarinda
  • Sudon Sobachi
  • Majanji Tigress
  • Cody Ichibi
  • Typhoon
  • Tsuki Ichibi/Yoshida
  • Yumi Ichibi/Yoshida
  • Yuki Ichibi/Yoshida
  • Katsu
  • Julie and Jojo
  • Kusa Tokubetsu
  • Karura of the Sand
  • Hotaru Chikumo (Jess' and Taro's son)

Plain Crossover

  • Prison (Vampire Demon) -Naruto and Original Anima/Manga
  • Bonejangles -Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride
  • Roulette -Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Kaa -The Jungle Book and Naruto


  • Shouji Koruai (Human)
  • Coda (Pafumon-> Kyaromon-> Kudamon-> Reppamon-> Qilinmon-> Sleipmon)

Little Shop Of Horrors

Crossover Shippuden (Only realted to Naturo Anime or Jess)

  • Kevin Skellington(Naruto/Nightmare Before Christmas)
  • Jennifer(Naruto/Kingdom Hearts)
  • Flash the Hedgehog(Naruto/Sonic)

Original Anime/Manga

  • Vane(Vampire)
  • Rascal(Werewolf)
  • Sokaye(Alien)
  • Zida (Alien)
  • Hella(Wandering Spirit)
  • Angelo(Human)

Tokyo Mew Mew

  • Kikitora Mijiho (Mew Chocolate)
  • Riishu (Alien)
  • Sherii Sushi (Mew Cherry


  • Eliza/ElizaGirl (EggPlant)

Brutal Legend

  • Sal Valiant

Fiddler on the Roof

  • Kitri Weaver


  • Yin San

Kingdom Hearts

  • Akane
  • Jiji
  • Floyde
  • Gamex
  • Kita (Swordsman)
  • Takix (Kita's Nobody; SledgeHammer)
  • Maru (Ax-Man)
  • Rumax (Maru's Nobody; Swordsman)

Oliver & Company

  • Ro (Akita)

Wallace & Gromit

  • Kaffy Jacobson (Were-Rabbit)

The Nightmare Before Christmas

  • Widow(Sorceress)
  • Negria (Giant Black Widow)
  • Bayou (Giant Deadly Viper)
  • Worm
  • Louie
  • Chicago
  • Poker
  • Spits
  • Sam
  • Willow(Skeletal Bat)
  • LongLegs(Spider)
  • Noose
  • Shadow
  • Illusion
  • Darkness(The Raven from Edgar Allan Poe)
  • Loe(Edgar Allan Poe's Cat)
  • Moogie Boogie
  • Marinda Heartloch(Witch)
  • Catastrophe (Wilt, Coffin, and Scratch's mom)
  • Unknown (The Headless Horsemen)
  • Jack-O-Lantern (A punpkin headed man)
  • Mary Skellington (Skeleton Pumpkin Queen)
  • Othello Boogie (Oogie's Grandfather)
  • Gabriel (Elf/Joker)
  • Charlie (Charlie)
  • Jess (Halloween Town Form)
  • Chida (Girl from Hanukah Town)
  • Comet (Reindeer from Christmas Town)
  • Cent (Death Crawler)

Interstella 5555

  • Julia
  • Ken
  • Hank
  • Issac



  • Cassie
  • Cleo

Beauty and The Beast

  • Jacque "Jack"(Gargoyle)
  • Cori(Coat Rack)
  • Peter(Palanquin)


Alice in Wonderland

  • Bongo
  • Smokes (The caterpillar's son)
  • Cheshire Cat

Pokemon Gijinka

  • Maggie (Mismagius)
  • Chu (Pikachu)
  • Hipoe (Hippapotos)
  • May (Mawhile)
  • Greg and Gina (Gallade and Gardevoir)
  • Layla (Latias)

Corpse Bride

  • Raoul


  • LoveStar

Michael Jackson's City

PetShop of Horrors

  • Mike the Black Leopard
  • Dangerous, Diana, and Death (Cerberus)
  • Alla Mapone

Little Rose Of Massacure (A prequel to the play Little Shop Of Horrors)

  • Kerrie Krelborn
  • Sony Philips
  • Freddy Philips
  • Richard Fulquard
  • Annie Morgarn
  • Arnie Scrivello
  • Micheal Mushnick
  • Mr. Bixby
  • Al Capone Jr.
  • Ronnie, Chif, and Bill


  • Reggie (Twoey's son)
  • Hotaru (Jess/Taro's son)
  • Yuki, Tsuki, Yumi (Ichibi Triplets)
  • Meko Kazekana
  • Echo Kazekana
  • Jane Yamanaka
  • Shamoji
  • Sensu
  • Ume
  • Chai Young
  • Arachnea Chikumo

Thir13en Ghosts

  • Gail Cyrus "The Tormenter (Ghost Hunter)
  • Mange (Beige Bandit)
  • Sage (Red Bandit)
  • Joe (Orange Bandit)
  • Seymour Krelborn II (Purple Bandit)
  • Lu-lu (Black Bandit)
  • Bebot (Blue Bandit)
  • Owen (Brown Bandit)
  • Sunny (Yellow Bandit)
  • Serene (Clear Bandit)
  • Cloud (White Bandit)
  • Gard (Green Bandit)

ReWritten OC Stories (With OC Cast):

  • Little Shop of Horrors [In Progress]
  • Alice in Wonderland [Cast Needed]
  • Flowers for Algernon [In Progress]
  • Romeo and Juliet [In Progress]
  • RENT [Cast Needed]
  • Matilda [Cast Needed]
  • The Breakfast Club [Cast Needed]
  • Amélie [Cast Needed]


The Tanuki's Money (Misa's Story) Chapter 1

You have heard about Misa from Ninja idol 2 and Naruto the movie 2. But you never heard about her adventures with the cast of Naruto. Here is one of them:

Once upon a time, in the mist village, Misa, the Tanuki, was cold inside her den.

"S-so c-c-cold..." Misa stuttered in the darkness,"Shukaku-niichan must be warm by now. And my host, Jess, is with him...At least anything couldn't get any worse."

Just then, an avalanche kicked in, making Misa get out of the den and into the frozen deathtrap everyone called snow. Misa was about to faint when she saw a hut and knocked on the door. A little boy with girlish black hair warmed himself by the fire. He was thinking about how his step-father tried to kill him when loud, giant knocking was heard.

"Sir! Sir! Please help me." The voice called out. The boy thought that it was a little girl with a loud voice. He opened the door. To his suprise, he looked up to a giant tanuki that looked like it was about to eat him.

"Please help me. The severe cold is killing me. Can I stay here for a while to warm off." Misa said as she bowed deeply.
"How?" The boy asked, seeing the height of the girl before him. Misa made a sign and shrunk to about 2-3 feet. She went inside and saw the bloodshed. She thought that the boy didn't wanna talk about it, so she sat by the fire.

"My name is Haku." The boy said finally,"You are not going to kill me?"

"Of course not. Why would I hurt a child who saved my life?" Misa asked.

"My father tried to hurt me because of my family's bloodline..." Haku said to the tanuki. He didn't expect Misa to hug him.

"Oh, you poor little boy! Are you hurt?" Misa wanted to make sure that Haku was okay,"I have a special family bloodline too."

"I already saw your ability to grow and shrink to any size you want," Haku explained to her.

Suddenly, Misa transformed into a beachball. Haku jumped up from the floor, but he wasn't suprised. After all, tanukis transforming is a normal thing, right? When Misa changed again, she was a tall man with a bandaged mask and a long sword.

"Like this, Haku?" Misa asked in a guy named Zabuza's voice,"I used my foresight justu to see someone you are going to meet in the future and then transform into him."

"Whoa!"Haku exclaimed. He thought that kind of move may confuse the enemy. He also thought that this tanuki might be a powerful ninja, maybe a chunin or Jonin at least. The tanuki changed back to her form.

"My name is Misa Ichibi. I have a girl as a host, so like her, I am a academy student. I come from the hidden sand village in the Land of the Wind. How may I repay you for your kindness?"Misa said as she smiled like an idiot.

To be continued...

The NightingGale Chapter 1

In Japan, the Founder of the Sand village is a Japanese man. Everything all started along time ago before the demons were born. Now before we talk about this man, we have to talk about his palace and Garden. And by his Garden I meant a large garden of Desert roses with bells, so that nobody would pass by without noticing them. The palace was made of the finest sand in all of the world. But if a man pass the garden into the forest, in the trees, there was a red nightingale who sang so beautifully, that every traveller heard it and wrote poetry about it, letting the whole world know about it.

One day, the founder named Ichibiku, called a servent to give him the newspaper.

"Momokiki!"Ichibiku called to his gentleman-in-waiting,"Can you please bring me the newspaper?" A man in a black cape and red eyes gave the paper to the so called emperor. Ichibiku read and read until he saw something about a bird.

"What the heck!"the blonde leader exclaimed,"I don't have a nightingale at all! What is this?"

"I don't know Ichi-sama,"Momokiki said,"But I will find him." He then asked everyone in the palace, yet know one knew about it. Momo-Kun thought that it was a myth.

"This news was handed down from the Hokage!"Ichibiku explained,"Either find the bird or I'll put you with the cobras!"

Will Momokiki find the Nightingale? How did the bird sang that talented?? Why does these characters seem familiar??? Tune in to the next chapter.