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All Around Main Hero: Jess (Universal)
All Around Main Villian: Concerto Mayhem (Universal)


  • Jessica of the Sand
  • Shukaku Ichibi
  • Misa Ichibi
  • Dark Shukaku
  • Naara Uzumaki
  • Komiki Hyuuga
  • Sarinda
  • Sudon Sobachi
  • Majanji Tigress
  • Cody Ichibi
  • Typhoon
  • Tsuki Ichibi/Yoshida
  • Yumi Ichibi/Yoshida
  • Yuki Ichibi/Yoshida
  • Katsu
  • Julie and Jojo
  • Kusa Tokubetsu
  • Karura of the Sand
  • Hotaru Chikumo (Jess' and Taro's son)

Plain Crossover

  • Prison (Vampire Demon) -Naruto and Original Anima/Manga
  • Bonejangles -Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride
  • Roulette -Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Kaa -The Jungle Book and Naruto


  • Shouji Koruai (Human)
  • Coda (Pafumon-> Kyaromon-> Kudamon-> Reppamon-> Qilinmon-> Sleipmon)

Little Shop Of Horrors

Crossover Shippuden (Only realted to Naturo Anime or Jess)

  • Kevin Skellington(Naruto/Nightmare Before Christmas)
  • Jennifer(Naruto/Kingdom Hearts)
  • Flash the Hedgehog(Naruto/Sonic)

Original Anime/Manga

  • Vane(Vampire)
  • Rascal(Werewolf)
  • Sokaye(Alien)
  • Zida (Alien)
  • Hella(Wandering Spirit)
  • Angelo(Human)

Tokyo Mew Mew

  • Kikitora Mijiho (Mew Chocolate)
  • Riishu (Alien)
  • Sherii Sushi (Mew Cherry


  • Eliza/ElizaGirl (EggPlant)

Brutal Legend

  • Sal Valiant

Fiddler on the Roof

  • Kitri Weaver


  • Yin San

Kingdom Hearts

  • Akane
  • Jiji
  • Floyde
  • Gamex
  • Kita (Swordsman)
  • Takix (Kita's Nobody; SledgeHammer)
  • Maru (Ax-Man)
  • Rumax (Maru's Nobody; Swordsman)

Oliver & Company

  • Ro (Akita)

Wallace & Gromit

  • Kaffy Jacobson (Were-Rabbit)

The Nightmare Before Christmas

  • Widow(Sorceress)
  • Negria (Giant Black Widow)
  • Bayou (Giant Deadly Viper)
  • Worm
  • Louie
  • Chicago
  • Poker
  • Spits
  • Sam
  • Willow(Skeletal Bat)
  • LongLegs(Spider)
  • Noose
  • Shadow
  • Illusion
  • Darkness(The Raven from Edgar Allan Poe)
  • Loe(Edgar Allan Poe's Cat)
  • Moogie Boogie
  • Marinda Heartloch(Witch)
  • Catastrophe (Wilt, Coffin, and Scratch's mom)
  • Unknown (The Headless Horsemen)
  • Jack-O-Lantern (A punpkin headed man)
  • Mary Skellington (Skeleton Pumpkin Queen)
  • Othello Boogie (Oogie's Grandfather)
  • Gabriel (Elf/Joker)
  • Charlie (Charlie)
  • Jess (Halloween Town Form)
  • Chida (Girl from Hanukah Town)
  • Comet (Reindeer from Christmas Town)
  • Cent (Death Crawler)

Interstella 5555

  • Julia
  • Ken
  • Hank
  • Issac



  • Cassie
  • Cleo

Beauty and The Beast

  • Jacque "Jack"(Gargoyle)
  • Cori(Coat Rack)
  • Peter(Palanquin)


Alice in Wonderland

  • Bongo
  • Smokes (The caterpillar's son)
  • Cheshire Cat

Pokemon Gijinka

  • Maggie (Mismagius)
  • Chu (Pikachu)
  • Hipoe (Hippapotos)
  • May (Mawhile)
  • Greg and Gina (Gallade and Gardevoir)
  • Layla (Latias)

Corpse Bride

  • Raoul


  • LoveStar

Michael Jackson's City

PetShop of Horrors

  • Mike the Black Leopard
  • Dangerous, Diana, and Death (Cerberus)
  • Alla Mapone

Little Rose Of Massacure (A prequel to the play Little Shop Of Horrors)

  • Kerrie Krelborn
  • Sony Philips
  • Freddy Philips
  • Richard Fulquard
  • Annie Morgarn
  • Arnie Scrivello
  • Micheal Mushnick
  • Mr. Bixby
  • Al Capone Jr.
  • Ronnie, Chif, and Bill


  • Reggie (Twoey's son)
  • Hotaru (Jess/Taro's son)
  • Yuki, Tsuki, Yumi (Ichibi Triplets)
  • Meko Kazekana
  • Echo Kazekana
  • Jane Yamanaka
  • Shamoji
  • Sensu
  • Ume
  • Chai Young
  • Arachnea Chikumo

Thir13en Ghosts

  • Gail Cyrus "The Tormenter (Ghost Hunter)
  • Mange (Beige Bandit)
  • Sage (Red Bandit)
  • Joe (Orange Bandit)
  • Seymour Krelborn II (Purple Bandit)
  • Lu-lu (Black Bandit)
  • Bebot (Blue Bandit)
  • Owen (Brown Bandit)
  • Sunny (Yellow Bandit)
  • Serene (Clear Bandit)
  • Cloud (White Bandit)
  • Gard (Green Bandit)

ReWritten OC Stories (With OC Cast):

  • Little Shop of Horrors [In Progress]
  • Alice in Wonderland [Cast Needed]
  • Flowers for Algernon [In Progress]
  • Romeo and Juliet [In Progress]
  • RENT [Cast Needed]
  • Matilda [Cast Needed]
  • The Breakfast Club [Cast Needed]
  • Amélie [Cast Needed]


Halloween for The Unknown

In the middle of a large suburban place called Halloween Town, there is a tall black building. It's name: Jack-o-Lantern Prison. To most of the town citizens, it should've been an asylum. All that the prison composed of is solitary confinement cel...

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Ghosts 2: Only the Beginning

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, had not only sung and dance his way towards fame but he has been into films as well. One of his films involving the 1993 sexual child abuse accusations was Ghosts. It was about a Maestro who lived in a haunted man...

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(Note: For Jess' Part, the same story could be found in my Bonez15 account, but this version can be both written by Cate and I. And as for the Halloween Story line, I got this idea after seeing that Cate has a Fallen Angel OC, thus the title-_-')

Hmm, it's been a long time since I told the story. But since you already know this type of thing, I'll make it short: The Other Mother wants to eat Jess, so she decided to torment her, lock her in rooms, and playing an exploring game. First the Other Sasori tried to kill Jess with his puppets, The Other Akane almost melts Jess with her lave, and Other Deidara turns into a clay monster explody thingy. With the help of Other Deiara, Jess overpasses these obstacles, ODeiara fades away, and she is left to OKarura. She tells Jess how her real mother died that she gave birth to Gaara and cursed the world. So Jess hits the Other Mother and leaves, but not after saying a bad word for the first time:

Other Mother: Come back, you spoiled little brat! I want to eat you!!!

Jess: Oh F*** your freaking appetite! (XD...)

Now we are where Jess leaves the Akatsuki for good, never wanting to join again. The date in which this is happening is July 29, 2005. Now back to where we are now...

Running. That's what Jess' last memory was; running. A metallic screech echoed the misty forest as the purple haired 9 year old sprinted for her life and soul. Following her were two atypical animals; a wise but sarcastic cat who was just a perverted, talkative annoyance to dogs... and then there was Louie, an overweight yellow bat who had a crush with a ghost and thought to be the leader of his three younger brothers. To you, this animal duo might not seem hero material, they might not be needed in this story and that the writer of this story just threw in these worthless characters out of sheer boredom. But after this scene, the very same animals will come into play of the greatest match-ups in history. Without Worm the cat or Louie, Jess would've been dead and, mostly important, probably Cate's Naruto OC's and mine wouldn't have ever met- Oh I'm getting too ahead of myself! Back to the chase scene...

"Hurry Jessica!" Worm yelled, "She's gaining on us!!!" Louie was resting on Jess' back.

"Man, that ugly lady is annoying!" He stated as if nothing exciting was happening. What he meant by lady, he meant the very tall spider beast who once resembled Jess' other mother. She lied, cheated, tortured, and spoiled Jess in order to eat her and other innocent children... (XD Reminds me of Thorn when she eats insects... Back to the story)

"You're mine, brat!" The Other Mother has the girl cornered. Her brown, messy hair waving with no wind flowing through it as she smiled evilly. Jess accidentally put herself between two decisions; either give up to the mother or die jumping off a cliff into the water. Jess faced her worst nightmare with fear in her eyes.

"That's right, kid. You can't get out of this one. Admit it... admit that you lost!" When that woman cackled, Jess didn't know what to do. But no one, not one villain, should ever antagonize Jess.

"Alright, I'll admit it! I admit..." Jess pointed to the woman, "... that you forgot about my abilities..." Then she motioned Louie to get in her backpack. It's as if she already has a plan.

"I can't believe you can be so annoying!" The Other Mother ranted, making Jess angrier and angrier, "Now you don't treat your mother that way. You know what she did to you.... she hated you. Your own mother hated you. Don't make me hate you too-" Jess couldn't control her rage anymore. Her eyes glowed purple and you can tell by her voice that there was hate in her heart for the very first time. Her voice was as if a monster, hurt and wounded, was yelling,

"YOU AREN'T MY MOTHER!!!!!!" Jess shrieked. The sound of that scream seemed like multiple earthquakes occurring. Jess has a hidden ability, an ability that man had tried to perfect for years: telekinesis. With this ability, Jess used her mind to cut a giant tree down and let it fall on the yelling she-witch. Jess just glared at the tree with hatred and she held herself from crying. It was stressful for her. Without one word, Jess nudged Louie awake. Louie spread out his wings as Jess picked up Worm in her arms. They were about to fly away when a hand, a long fingered metal hand, flung itself on Jess' neck. She was pushed backwards and she and her two "pets" fell down straight first into the cold water below...

*3 Days Later*

"Where are we?" Louie was the first to ask. They have all been traveling east by ocean and to end up landing in the most unusual, everyday country in the world; the United States of America.

"According to the position of the sun, this road map, and that newspaper, we are in California, U.S.A. on August 1, 2005. We're at a beach-" Worm couldn't finish because Louie cried out.

"In the middle of nowhere!!! What's more worse is that our owner is on the verge of death!" Jess was unconscious at the back of the beach with her neck still choked by the bloody metal hand.

"Wait..." Worm saw a road where cars come and go, "I have an idea. Louie, you
fly on the windshield and scare the first driver you see. I'll do the rest." Even though the bat thought the cat was crazy or nuts, Louie obeyed and flew in the middle of the road where a black hummer was coming towards him...

*in the car*

"What the-?" The driver exclaimed as he saw a yellow bat in front of him with its wings open wide. The driver stopped suddenly. An eight-year-old boy in the passenger's seat stared at the bat, who flew right on the glass but not breaking it, with awe.

"Hey Paris, look!" The boy exclaimed. In the back seat were 4 figures; a 7 year old girl with a butterfly mask on, a 3 year old boy with a blanket on his head, a golden retriever on the floor sleeping, and a 46 year old man who was sleeping with his sunglasses on.

"What is it, Prince?" Paris asked as she rubbed her eyes.

"The bat from the Nightmare Before Christmas in on the window!" Prince, who was 8, pointed at the bat. Suddenly, the dog started to growl. A blackish gray cat was coming inside the car. The dog barked at it, but the cat hit the dog with its claw.

"Won't you dogs just shut up?" The cat started to sigh. Paris shook the man who was sleeping.

"Daddy, daddy, the talking cat is in our car!" Paris explained. The man started to open his eyes and when he spoke, he had a soft falsetto.

"Paris, I see the cat and it is not talking. Don't touch him... he might make you sick..." The man shouldn't had said that cause the cat was offended and it bit the man's hand. The man screamed, making his glasses fall off. The bat on the window saw the man's face and he yelled.

"Worm, don't bite him! Don't you know who he is?!"

"Louie, not now I'm trying to hurt this guy for calling me sick..." Worm the cat was about to bite again when Louie still yelled.

"He's the King of Pop!"


"Michael Jackson!" Louie started to bow, "I'm so sorry Mr. Jackson. We just wanted to get some help for our owner Jessica. Sorry to bother you..." Michael rubbed his hand in agony and then became serious.

"What's wrong with her?"

"She's fine.^^" Louie didn't want Michael to become involved. But Worm's sarcasm broke the whole thing.

"And by fine, you mean choked to death by an evil metal hand, then yes she is fine..." At the word death, Michael was rushing out of the car.

"Prince you are in charge while I go get this girl, okay?" Prince nodded. Michael ran without a disguise, but he didn't care. Worm ran after him.

"Oh my god! We have to help her!!" Michael exclaimed as he saw the blood trickling from Jess' neck. He tried to pick her up, but she was heavier than expected. He tore off the metal hand out of Jess neck, then rushed back to the car, putting Jess in the middle of the backseat.

"Wake up, Rob!" Michael yelled the driver awake, "We have to go to the hospital, ASAP." Rob the driver woke up, but denied the pop star's request.

"No, Mr. Jackson. We only came to the US in order to get your personal belongings from the ranch, then I take you to your plane to Bahrain..." Before Michael could protest, Worm went next to Rob and swished his tail across Rob's face. Rob's eyes turned cat yellow and he made a U-turn to the hospital.

"Okay... okay..." Michael wheezed, "I'm going crazy, yeah that's it. There is no such thing as a cat possessing a man, no way!"

"So how's that working for you, Mike?" The cat spoke to Michael while he possessed the driver. Michael squeled like a girl. Louie glared at Worm.

"Dude, we could get arrested by this. I can read the headlines now: 2 pet-like animals kidnapping the King of Pop!" The bat complained as Prince was rubbing against him.

"Can you just let me drive this thing?! Don't make me turn this car around!" Worm screeched, causing everyone to be quiet. Louie muttered, "Well, you started it..." Things were going well... until half way there it started raining and the car ran out of gas. So what does Michael do? Oh, something eccentric...

"Michael, come back right now!!!" Louie screamed as Michael ran onto the road towards the hospital while holding Jess.

"I blame you, Worm..." Louie shook his head. Worm just made the driver pick him up and pet him.

"Hey, this human ain't so bad. Maybe he can be my human form..." Worm was obviously ignoring Louie.

~In Halloween Town~

... and that was the end of that. Akane and Thorn became pals ever since their ecounter. Chicago was taken back to the lair. Hybrid lied to Spits about killing Thorn and he got the firflies anyway. Deiara got better and Spits brung her back to her world. Yup, everything went back to normal in Halloween Town. Halloween is just around the corner. Nothing can go wrong... or can it?

Yes, things seem normal. But do you think two large objects falling from the sky is considered normal? No one knows this but these two objects are small 5 year old Oracle twins named Destiny and Eternity. Both have brown hair and blue eyes. One wears black, the other white. But these weren't ordinary girls who can tell your future, but they are Falling Angels that once alive, were experiments in human testing the supernatural. These girls were scared to death ever since... literally!

Destiny, the white fallen angel, is a happy cheerful girl who sees what bad things will happen to you. She landed right in the middle of the pumpkin patch where Sam was just trying to scare Scream and Mirror (Two Crows) away.

Eternity, the black fallen angel, is a goth, somewhat emo, and misunderstood girl but she sees the good things that will happen to you. And you're in luck cuz' Eternity is about to land now.

"Hybrid! Can I stop doing this now?" Akane asked as she was sweeping.

"No, Oogie said you were grounded so as punishment, you are cleaning the WHOLE lair! I better not see any spots... and for the last time, DON'T sweep everything in a rug!" Hybrid explained. Akane groaned. She is having a bad time as an eight year old. Oogie is doing whatever bad he wants by now, the remaining bat brothers who still can't function without Louie being with them is trying to find where Louie is, and Hybrid is just critisizing her. What can be more worse- BOOOOOOOOOM! Eternity lands right on top of Akane and Akane falls down backward. Hybrid just stared at Akane.

"I'm not cleaning that up!" Akane muttered before she fainted.

~Cate Please Continue...

Announcement: Second Account and Time Skip

I am so sorry for all the people who wanted to read my stories-

Jess: What people!? The only person who really reads my adventures is Cate and she has no life whatsoever!!!

Quiet, my counterpart!-_-' Anyway, I have so many clubs and I had recently made a 2nd account that I'm now mostly going to be in. You can talk to me with a 2nd Username: Bonez15. Ask DeidaraNarutoClan if you didn't understand what I just said...

Second, since I have Writer's Block and the storyline is getting boring and possibly nowhere, I am skipping to the part where Jess, now nine years old, is about to die and she falls off a cliff, and you will know the rest. Also I will be trying to do a new story line for all of those Halloween Town OC's out there, since it's almost Halloween. Thank you for understanding.



Jess woke up to a plant guy chewing on her arm. She kicked the guy making him let go.

"Who are you?" Jess asked the plant Akatsuki.

"I'm Zetsu and I smelled a delicious girl so I came here..." Zetsu explained, "You have gotten fatter tonight." Jess slapped Zetsu in embarrassment.

"Well, I never!" Jess yelled, "Never call me fat, again!"

"Well sorry! I can't help it if you're a pig!!" Zetsu walked away, when he turned at had a serious, scary look at his face.

"Be careful at the Other World because in the end, that heaven will turn to hell..." The dark side of Zetsu sneered. Jess backed away. Zetsu smiled and closed the door. Jess went back to bed and woke up in her other room in the Other world. Jess looked in her closet to see she had millions of dresses there.

"Ugh! Dresses?! No thanks! Where's a suit where you need one!?" Jess closed the closet door to find a black sequined jacket with black pants, white gloves and a red baseball cap.

"That is more like it! But what is with the shiny things? It has to go!" Jess was acting like a drama queen, "Also make it a skirt instead." The outfit changed to her liking and Jess put it on and went to see her Other Mother and Other Sasori for breakfast.

~With Thorn and Akane~

Akane was talking with Thorn when suddenly, Chicago flew down and tried to hit Thorn when Akane punched him.

"Ow.... that hurts!"