I Am Me

We all have masks
But who are we really?
The apparent strong
Are really weak
The apparent weak
Are stronger than we know
So take off your mask
Who are you really?
I know what I am
And I show it every day
Without the mask
To hide behind

I wrote this poem when I was really trying to think hard about who I am! And this is what I came up with! Hope you ENJOY!


My life is full of masks,
Some truthful, some deceiving,
My memories in the past,
I am all reliving,
My life, my misfortune
Ring out strong and clear
And banish everyone
That I hold close and dear,
My teardrops drip within my mask
Never to be seen
My voices banish the night
Never to let it in
I am cold
Cold as ice can be
This mask hides all the tragedy
Deep inside of me…