My death draws closer unto me
Burning fire has my side
To be cremated I long to be
No! NO! My grandchildren cried
Please don't die, they cried to me
But they don't see what I see
That death's icey grip is close to me
It's driving me to insanity
So happy is my last require
To be thrown at death in fire
So please grant my heart's desire
And let my body become a part of that fire!

I wrote this poem with the help of one of my best friends! Hope you all enjoy it!

Love Letter

My love for you is always blooming
Deep within my soul
It never ends
It just keeps growing
Bleeding in my soul
You hurt me but I fought back
You shunned me but I'm not afraid
I'll fight for you
I'll die for you
I'll give my life to you
for this is my final

Hope you all like this, I came up with it in Like ten seconds, I'll write a better one soon! See ya!