Fox Light

'Twas night when first I spied
Like glowing embers to my eye
With radiant hair like fire burning
Emeralds for eyes left me yearning
To know what this creature was
So graceful and elegant like a dove
It stole my heart with its pretense
Its bushy head poked through my fence
When what to my awe-struck eyes appeared
A beautiful fox was what I had feared!

I Am Me

We all have masks
But who are we really?
The apparent strong
Are really weak
The apparent weak
Are stronger than we know
So take off your mask
Who are you really?
I know what I am
And I show it every day
Without the mask
To hide behind

I wrote this poem when I was really trying to think hard about who I am! And this is what I came up with! Hope you ENJOY!

A Crappy Valentine's Day Poem!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Here's a crappy poem
Just for you
May your valentine's day
Not end in tears
Like mine have done
These past few years,
May you stay sane,
All the way through,
May you stay well,
Untouched by swine flu!
Just joking for those
Of you who know me,
The joke's on you this year
As you may very well see,
So have a laugh,
But don't have a cow!!!
And maybe, just maybe,
I'll see you a-ROW-nd!!!!!!!

This poem was designed to make you laugh!So laugh DANG IT! LAUGH! MWA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

Let Me Out of Your Mind!

I and the one you dreamt of that night

Although you’ll never know me
My heart, my cry, my love, my fright,

All tell you it was me

Patrol the night with your dreams
Remind yourself of my face
I’m the one you really need
Sealed with the sweet taste of grace
One last chance to let me in
No one knows my life
Everybody, every thought, enters my soul
Renews my dreadful strife


My life is full of masks,
Some truthful, some deceiving,
My memories in the past,
I am all reliving,
My life, my misfortune
Ring out strong and clear
And banish everyone
That I hold close and dear,
My teardrops drip within my mask
Never to be seen
My voices banish the night
Never to let it in
I am cold
Cold as ice can be
This mask hides all the tragedy
Deep inside of me…