Amarie saw Ed running and instantly went on guard as she ran to the back of him, stopping a few paces short. She was angry and worried... two people had derailed the plan now and Lucy/Wraith was evidently alive still as she was on her knee's sobbing 'ED' She yelled the order. 'GET AWAY FROM HER!! THAT THING IS NOT LUCY' She dragged him back behind her before Lucy/Wraith could transform again and held out her light sword threateningly towards Lucy/Wraith. 'YOU CANNOT FOOL ME WITH YOUR TRICKERY' She yelled 'I know your still in there.' She then added dangerously. 'And ifI have to kill Lucy's body to kill you' She shook her head with dangerous determination, 'Then so be it' She launched at her target with her light sword. It headed straight for Lucy's heart and made impact. She left it there looking into Lucy's startled eyes. 'Sorry Lucy' She whispered to her, her cold eyes not leaving the girls. She didn't show at all that she meant what she said from her faciel expressions as she spoke to Lucy. It looked like she was saying them robotically or automatically. Deep down she did mean every word though. 'This is the only way... I'm so sorry' All the time the light sword penetrated Lucy's body and out the other side. Stinging and killing Lucy with it's light.