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Death's Grip Tightens

Adarius and Zephyr noticed that most of the city had stopped moving... it was Silent My Children The Time is of Essence Slay the Mortals and Resurrect me Your Lord and Your MasterAdarius nodded and flew up higher into the sky Purple Light Burst from his chest Adarius screamed in agony then the light faded from his chest and made a dark purple Ring in the Sky his breathing was heavy he was exhausted his Veins started to appear as Black lines all over his body blood was oozing out of his wounds and Started to form a Scythe in his hands. He looked over to Zephyr who was removing the helmet of his armor and tossing it off the building "Brother Adarius I believe we are getting stronger" Zephyr Started to shake and shadows burst from the Cracks in the Armor and form a Long Katana once the Shadows dispersed the blade was Blood red with wisps of shadow orbiting around the blade he thrust the blade forward and shadows started to build up in the purple Ring that Adarius Created and they both started to Chant "Unholy Death Bringer Raise from the prison known as the underworld and claim the flesh and Blood you lost to the False Prophet So many Years ago".

The Ring Started to Form a massive Black Gate with massive golden Chains wrapped around it Adarius looked at the gate and continued to Chant the Death Whisper (ooc Thats what the chant is called")

Amarie (( Plan of Attack))

Amarie nodded to what he said If That happens, I will lend u some more strength to keep you going until we are safe enough for you to rest.She looked over to the twins, then back to her small group. Sessa... you know how you tricked the Rith.. (ooc: Forgot what its called XD my bad) I need you to do something similar here. Looking over at Ed You know what to do Ed, I need you to freeze time enough so there next attack can freeze to.She looks back over to the twins. Dusk is to much in league with the the darkness and Death himself and I don't know if we can trust him because of that... he could be a spy. and Our teacher... I have no idea where he is or the other twins. So it's up to us to stop our friends and to get Death to leave them alone. We need to fight them to get them to a more secure place. And as the warrior of our Goddess, I can do this with ur help. Can we do this?

She Looked over at the other two. They needed stabilize them. But try and not hurt them too much


Ed: random title

Ed smiled back at Amarie's half smile that she had given him. Amarie started using telepathy to talk to the group and explained what we had to do so we could stop the twins from doing anything else harmful to the city. Freeze time?... ive never actually tried it before, but i remember reading in the book about it. I'll give it a shot! Ed raised both his hands slightly and closed his eyes. At this moment there was a blue glow around the building and his hands. Ed continued to try to make time stop. Ed's power started to lift small rocks off the ground until suddenly the whole city was covered in a blue outline and the cities time stopped flowing. Ed used up a lot of his power to do this and he half collapsed to the ground after doing this. Okay... i think i did it, the only thing is i couldn't freeze the twins with it, i was only able to freeze the people, animals and time pretty much.. the twins blocked the effect somehow...


Amarie, gave a second to flash Sessa an reasuring smile before looking back at the twins, trying to keep her tears back

What must be, must be. Now stop crying like this Amarie. Your supposed to be the tough one remember?! Everyone is counting on you, and yet hear you are a blubbering wreck because of what you may have to do to your cousins.

She thought all of this with anger to you yourself and then dried her eyes vigourously. She wouldn't let her twin cousins get to her, This was the reason she didn't get close normally. Because it was hard to say goodbye when the time came. And that time always came one way or another. Especially in Amarie's world. Whether she liked it or not.

She looked over to Ed who had gave her his reasurring words and kissed her cheek. she tried to smile at him but it didn't turn out properly

She started to communicate with them in telepathy, sending a list of instructions of what they should do to bring the boys down. Ending the instructions with And remember we do not kill any of them, unless it is necessary. I have the power to stop them and Death but I need your help. We need to demobilse them. Ed.. can you create a time span where everything freezes with your telepathy?

The twins could not hear them communicating in telepathy or that they were hiding and plotting against them. which was good. To stop the twins they needed a surprise attack.



Ed was running alongside Amarie over the rooftops in the city when she asked him if he was allright, "Hey, dont worry about me.. its the Twins that need help... besides i feel much stronger now!".
Once Ed and the others arrived where Adarius and Zephyr where they had allready destroyed and killed a lot of things. Ed crouched down next to Amarie and Sessa and looked over to see Amarie crying "Hey... Dont worry about it, we will get them back to normal" Ed gave Amarie a comforting side hug and kissed her on the chee while thinking to himself well... atleast i hope they will be allright....
Ed was stayed down next to Amarie observing the situation before doing anything....