[Black Lagoon] Hair of the Dog

Not done with my prompt response just yet, but I was thinking that with all the writing I do, I should try to beef up my Fan Words portfolio. And since I'm too nervous to click that shiny nomination ticky box for my original stuff, I will post the only fanfic I've ever written that I actually like.

Notes: This was written for the Yuletide obscure fandom exchange. For those of you who don't know, it's a fic swap that takes place around the holiday season, in which participants select fandoms they'd be willing to write for, and fill in requests to be sent to other participants. The request that was sent to me was for the badass pirate anime Black Lagoon. And the prompt was basically, "Write a story in which Rock and Revy hook up."

So this story is a Revy/Rock story, but since this is Black Lagoon, I'd sooner call it 'foreplay' than 'romance.' XD Other warnings include (since again, Black Lagoon), coarse language, use of firearms, lack of political correctness, and tons of alcohol consumption. If you've watched the series, it's really nothing new.

Ready? Here we go!