Here's the bio:

Name:Sayomi Kurosaki



Weight: None of your buisness

hair:Waistlenght,dark navy with orchid highlights,covers left half of face

eyes:angled,piercing lavender


Family:unknown,she's living in a foster home with a bunch of idiots

Friends:Garra,Temari,Kankuro,Itachi,and a few others

Best friend:Garra


Personality:Very calm,quiet,introverted,open minded,tough to most but a caring friend to those close to her

Pets:she has a small pet snake that she hides in the sleeves of her black jacket

Naruto world :Info page

Okay everyone, this is going to be a fanfic that has a bunch (Hopefully) of random O.C's in a high school with the Naruto characters. Following this post will be the info for my OC so I hope anyone else intersested will PM me...