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booooooorrreedd lol xD

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poem- 5/16/2012

Strong.Full of courage.
full of happiness
full of strength
full of power
All of which i do not consist of...

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Ok this is a random entry but if anyone want to talk to me on facebook then add nezumi kurosaki at the time being i have a green haired catgirl as my profile picture :3. *now i have miyavi as picture :3*

ok its changed to la picture of lin hua from blaze blue!~


Im going into this deep gray
Cloud of passion and depression
Going higher and higher into emotional digest
Why do i feel or even have feelings?
Its not like it will make a difference
Nothing but sorrow fills the air
Voices in my head
Looking past the smoke...whats there??

(TnT) ~

i feel so sad i wont be able to get on the otaku untill i get my grades up see you when i get AB honor roll :p