Hi, my name is Nicole, I'm well known here as Nana, my dream is to be a worldwide femouse singer, I'm learning how to sing right, and I learn to play guitar in my school in real, I'm a fan at the Otaku Host club.
I love the bends:Tokio Hotel, Rammstein, Linkin Park, AAA, Wminwm, Blood on the dance floor and more
I love the singers: Tae Yang, Saleana Gomez, Rihana, Lady gaga etc...

Avatar I made :D

I made it :D what you think?


I decided on the winners of my challenge that ends tomorrow :3

AW MAN!5 more days!D:

5 more days for my challenge to end e.e so many good things there but I think I decided who'll be first place(Not telling who)still bothering who'll be second and first e.e

Back.. After a month? I think?O.o

WOW~ a whole month I haven't been on theO and I haven't even notice O.o
Anyways I'm back hehe~ who missed me?Lol jk jk
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No one?

No one mean to join my challenge? I have only 4 entries... Please anyone who want join my challenge, here a Link to the challenge <<<