Hi, my name is Nicole, I'm well known here as Nana, my dream is to be a worldwide femouse singer, I'm learning how to sing right, and I learn to play guitar in my school in real, I'm a fan at the Otaku Host club.
I love the bends:Tokio Hotel, Rammstein, Linkin Park, AAA, Wminwm, Blood on the dance floor and more
I love the singers: Tae Yang, Saleana Gomez, Rihana, Lady gaga etc...

Well..Life? I guess..

Well..Uh...My boyfriend broke up with me..After a month I was with him..
It's just life..I think...-tears in her eyes-
But I still love him..Meh..

Learning dificult song

(If I spelled wrong please tell me xD) I'm learning to sing very hard song:
Wish me luck!

Me now :3 I'm proud of my changing~

See this change?:D
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^Me and my bf+Valentine :3

Me 3 years ago

3 years ago before I joined
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Gonna change my name from Ciel Phantomhiv to EmotionalFreak