Hi, my name is Nicole, I'm well known here as Nana, my dream is to be a worldwide femouse singer. I'm not way after school, and after social service, corrently not working. I've been here for a long time, and I love this site. I love music, singing and drawing whenever. I have a Smule Acc. Ask if you want it.
Favorite bands: Evanescence, Skillet, Three Days Grace,Panic!At the disco, Nightcore.
I don't like Justin Beiber, so don't try and ask me.
Favorite singers: Amy Lee, Brandon Yuri, Tae Yang

I'm so happy~~!;w;

Finally the perody shooting I was in (Yes~ I was a small part of a perody close to my place) got fully edited and now I can finally share it~!
Tel Aviv Style~!

See untill the end there is a special scene of a moment I'll or either of the perody people will never forget!

TheO meme

Never done it, so yea :P
Stolen from Zuzu Uchiha

1. Type your full username.

2. Do you have other accounts? If so, what is the name(s) of it/them
Hmmm..Deviantart: animeyaoilover555, Youtube: OOanimeloveloveOO, face book: Suzan chan.

3. What do you submit on theO?
Ecards, wallpapers

4. Out of what you submit most, what is the most popular piece?
External Image
External Image

5. Are you surprised?

6. Who is your best friend on theO?
Best friend? Hmm..I have many of them, but I guess Yoro is my best friend :3
7. Who is your enemy on theO?
Well, I used to have an enemy..Now, i'm not so sure.
8. Who do you admire on theO?
Axel the most, the women endures so much on her life!
Also Hearty on her cheerful self, she always make people laugh even when they're sad!

9. When did you join theO?
On this acc? 09/25/10 on orniginal? some month at 2007 ^^"
10. Do you like theO?
Yes, alot^^

11. Have any nicknames on here?
Nana, naners :)

12. Belong to rps? If you do, names?
Yes, but I can't remember what.

13. What do you usually do on here?
Chat, post card or just watching arts

14. Do you know anyone on theO in real life?
Nah, I wish
15. Is a family member on here?

16. Do you comment often?
If I like the art, yea

17. Is there anything you wish you could take back involving theO?

18. If yes, what?

19. How much of your time is spent on here?
Days and hours, only once in my life I wasen't on here for an year.

20. Do you keep in contact with anyone on theO that you don’t know in rl?
Yes of course!

21. Something you LOVE about theO?
The people! They're nice and loving and accept you as you are!
22. Something you HATE about theO?
Hm..No, not really

23. Something you wish you could change?

24. How many subscribers do you have?

25. Are you fine with that number?
It's good, but I do want some more.
26. Do you call people on theO with “Chan”, “Kun”, “San”, “Sama”, “Sensei”, etc.?
Some people~

27. Do you know what any of those even are?
Lol, of course!

28. Who do you talk to on theO the most?
Yoro, Hearty, Soul, Zenny etc :)

29. Does theO have a influence on your every day life?
Dunno o.o

30. What did you think of this 30 question meme?
Nice :)

Me+makeup O.o

A month~

Wow, haha! It's been a month since I have my bf(11112)!
It's very epic and I'm the most happiest women at the moment :)
The war already passed by and I'm safe! Also my friends are safe, I guess I got lucky.
Now then, it's been a while since I was here, who missed me?


Trying not to panic, sitting in my room.
War going on right now, scared to go outside..
I hope this war will end fast..