Hi, my name is Nicole, I'm well known here as Nana, my dream is to be a worldwide femouse singer. I'm not way after school, and after social service, corrently not working. I've been here for a long time, and I love this site. I love music, singing and drawing whenever. I have a Smule Acc. Ask if you want it.
Favorite bands: Evanescence, Skillet, Three Days Grace,Panic!At the disco, Nightcore.
I don't like Justin Beiber, so don't try and ask me.
Favorite singers: Amy Lee, Brandon Yuri, Tae Yang

Mod's choice.

WOAH.I can't believe it. Just now I looked at the "Home" of theO and my ecard was selected for "Mod's choice! I can't believe it o-o It's a first.. Thank you ^~^


I have been promoted to an Otaku Eternal, and I'm very happy and excited.
But, now the site is pretty much dead, no one to be happy with, no one to talk with on the chat and be happy together on the chat.
I wonder why is it so dead right now, it's been so lively.. If anyone out there, I'm going to be in the chat after I'll post an eCard for the promotion, so eel free to drop by and talk to me, I'd love that very much.
Thank you.
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I finally been promoted!!!*-* I'm an Otaku Legend~ I'm so happy *^* Yayyy~-jumps around and dances-

Going to Japan

So tomorrow, 5 am I'm going to Japan for 13 days!!:D So I'll rarely be on here, I just wanted you guys to know.Today will be the last day I'll be on here beofre I go.

A kitty jumped to visit

I woke up this morning and found out this kitty came to visit: